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Multiplatform projects

New Features

  • KT-20616 Compiler options for KotlinCompileCommon task
  • KT-15522 Treat expect classes without explicit constructors as not having constructors at all
  • KT-16099 Do not require obvious override of super-interface methods in non-abstract expect class
  • KT-20618 Rename implement to expectedBy in gradle module dependency


  • KT-16926 'implement' dependency is not transitive when importing gradle project to IDEA
  • KT-20634 False error about platform project implementing non-common project
  • KT-19170 Forbid private expected declarations
  • KT-20431 Prohibit inheritance by delegation in 'expect' classes
  • KT-20540 Report errors about incompatible constructors of actual class
  • KT-20398 Do not highlight declarations with not implemented implementations with red during typing
  • KT-19937 Support "implement expect class" quickfix for nested classes
  • KT-20657 Actual annotation with all parameters that have default values doesn't match expected annotation with no-arg constructor
  • KT-20680 No actual class member: inconsistent modality check
  • KT-18756 multiplatform project: compilation error on implementation of extension property in javascript client module
  • KT-17374 Too many "expect declaration has no implementation" inspection in IDE in a multi-platform project
  • KT-18455 Multiplatform project: show gutter Navigate to implementation on expect side of method in the expect class
  • KT-19222 Useless tooltip on a gutter icon for expect declaration
  • KT-20043 multiplatform: No H gutter if a class has nested/inner classes inherited from it
  • KT-20164 expect/actual navigation does not work when actual is a typealias
  • KT-20254 multiplatform: there is no link between expect and actual classes, if implementation has a constructor when expect doesn't
  • KT-20309 multiplatform: ClassCastException on mouse hovering on the H gutter of the actual secondary constructor
  • KT-20638 Context menu in common module: NSEE: "Collection contains no element matching the predicate." at KotlinRunConfigurationProducerKt.findJvmImplementationModule()
  • KT-18919 multiplatform project: expect keyword is lost on converting to object
  • KT-20008 multiplatform: Create expect class implementation should add actual keyword at secondary constructors
  • KT-20044 multiplatform: Create expect class implementation should add actual constructor at primary constructor
  • KT-20135 "Create expect class implementation" should open created class in editor
  • KT-20163 multiplatform: it should be possible to create an implementation for overloaded method if for one method implementation is present already
  • KT-20243 multiplatform: quick fix Create expect interface implementation should add actual keyword at interface members
  • KT-20325 multiplatform: Quick fix Create actual ... should specify correct classifier name for object, enum class and annotation class


New Features

  • KT-16028 Allow to have different bodies of inline functions inlined depending on apiVersion

Performance Improvements

  • KT-20462 Don't create an array copy for '*(...)'


  • KT-13644 Information from explicit cast should be used for type inference
  • KT-14697 Use-site targeted annotation is not correctly loaded from class file
  • KT-17981 Type parameter for catch parameter possible when exception is nested in generic, but fails in runtime
  • KT-19251 Stack spilling in constructor arguments breaks Quasar
  • KT-20387 Wrong argument generated for accessor call of a protected generic 'operator fun get/set' from base class with primitive type as type parameter
  • KT-20491 Incorrect synthetic accessor generated for a generic base class function specialized with primitive type
  • KT-20651 "Don't know how to generate outer expression" for enum-values with non-trivial self-closures
  • KT-20752 Do not register new kinds of smart casts for unstable values


New Features

  • KT-19146 Parameter hints could be shown for annotation


  • KT-19207 "Configure Kotlin in project" should add "requires kotlin.stdlib" to module-info for Java 9 modules
  • KT-19213 Formatter/Code Style: space between type parameters and where is not inserted
  • KT-19216 Parameter name hints should not be shown for functional type invocation
  • KT-20448 Exception in UAST during reference search in J2K
  • KT-20543 java.lang.ClassCastException on usage of array literals in Spring annotation
  • KT-20709 Loop in parent structure when converting a LITERAL_STRING_TEMPLATE_ENTRY

IDE. Completion

  • KT-17165 Support array literals in annotations in completion

IDE. Debugger

  • KT-18775 Evaluate expression doesn't allow access to properties of private nested objects, including companion

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-20108 Support "add requires directive to" quick fix on usages of non-required modules in Kotlin sources
  • KT-20410 Add inspection for listOf().filterNotNull() to replace it with listOfNotNull()


  • KT-16636 Remove parentheses after deleting the last unused constructor parameter
  • KT-18549 "Add type" quick fix adds non-primitive Array type for annotation parameters
  • KT-18631 Inspection to convert emptyArray() to empty literal does not work
  • KT-18773 Disable "Replace camel-case name with spaces" intention for JS and common projects
  • KT-20183 AE “Classifier descriptor of a type should be of type ClassDescriptor” on adding element to generic collection in function
  • KT-20315 "call chain on collection type may be simplified" generates code that does not compile



  • KT-8285 JS: don't generate tmp when only need one component
  • KT-8374 JS: some Double values converts to Int differently on JS and JVM
  • KT-14549 JS: Non-local returns from secondary constructors don't work
  • KT-15294 JS: parse error in js() function
  • KT-17629 JS: Equals function (==) returns true for all primitive numeric types
  • KT-17760 JS: Nothing::class throws error
  • KT-17933 JS: toString, hashCode method and simplename property of KClass return senseless results for some classes
  • KT-18010 JS: JsName annotation in interfaces can cause runtime exception
  • KT-18063 Inlining does not work properly in JS for suspend functions from another module
  • KT-18548 JS: wrong string interpolation with generic or Any parameters
  • KT-19772 JS: wrong boxing behavior for open val and final fun inside open class
  • KT-19794 runtime crash with empty object (Javascript)
  • KT-19818 JS: generate paths relative to .map file by default (unless "-source-map-prefix" is used)
  • KT-19906 JS: rename compiler option "-source-map-source-roots" to avoid misleading since sourcemaps have field called "sourceRoot"
  • KT-20287 Functions don't actually return Unit in Kotlin-JS -> unexpected null problems vs JDK version
  • KT-20451 KotlinJs - interface function with default parameter, overridden by implementor, can't be found at runtime
  • KT-20527 JS: use prototype chain to check that object implements kotlin interface
  • KT-20650 JS: compiler crashes in Java 9 with NoClassDefFoundError
  • KT-20653 JS: compiler crashes in Java 9 with TranslationRuntimeException

Language design

  • KT-20171 Deprecate assigning single elements to varargs in named form


  • KT-19696 Provide a way to write multiplatform tests
  • KT-18961 Closeable.use should call addSuppressed
  • KT-2460 PR-1300 shuffle and fill extensions for MutableList now also available in JS
  • PR-1230 Add assertSame and assertNotSame methods to kotlin-test

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-20553 Rename warningsAsErrors compiler option to allWarningsAsErrors
  • KT-20217 src/main/java and src/test/java source directories are no longer included by default in Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Common projects

Tools. Incremental Compile

  • KT-20654 AndroidStudio: NSME “PsiJavaModule.getName()Ljava/lang/String” on calling simple Kotlin functions like println(), listOf()

Binary Metadata

  • KT-20547 Write pre-release flag into class files if language version > LATEST_STABLE

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from the previous
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