@ligee ligee released this Jul 3, 2018 · 1 commit to 1.2.50 since this release

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Backend. JVM

  • KT-23943 Wrong autoboxing for non-null inline class inside elvis with null constant
  • KT-24952 EnumConstantNotPresentExceptionProxy from Java reflection on annotation class with target TYPE on JVM < 8
  • KT-24986 Android project release build with ProGuard enabled crashes with IllegalAccessError: Final field cannot be written to by method

Binary Metadata

  • KT-24944 Exception from stubs: "Unknown type parameter with id = 1" (EA-120997)


  • KT-23962 MalformedParameterizedTypeException when reflecting GeneratedMessageLite.ExtendableMessage

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-24956 Kotlin Gradle plugin's inspectClassesForKotlinIC task for the new 1.2.50 release takes incredibly long
  • KT-23866 Kapt plugin should pass arguments from compiler argument providers to annotation processors
  • KT-24716 1.2.50 emits warning "Classpath entry points to a non-existent location:"
  • KT-24832 Inter-project IC does not work when "kotlin-android" project depends on "kotlin" project
  • KT-24938 Gradle parallel execution fails on multi-module Gradle Project
  • KT-25027 Kapt plugin: Kapt and KaptGenerateStubs tasks have some incorrect inputs

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-24926 NoSuchElementException in TemplateAnnotationVisitor when upgrading the Gradle Kotlin DSL to Kotlin 1.2.50