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@4u7 4u7 released this Sep 13, 2018 · 18 commits to 1.2.70 since this release


  • KT-13860 Avoid creating KtImportDirective PSI elements for default imports in LazyImportScope
  • KT-22201 Generate nullability annotations for data class toString and equals methods.
  • KT-23870 SAM adapter method returns null-values for "genericParameterTypes"
  • KT-24597 IDE doesn't report missing constructor on inheritance of an expected class in common module
  • KT-25120 RequireKotlin on nested class and its members is not loaded correctly
  • KT-25193 Names of parameters from Java interface methods implemented by delegation are lost
  • KT-25405 Mismatching descriptor type parameters on inner types
  • KT-25604 Disable callable references to exprerimental suspend functions
  • KT-25665 Add a warning for annotations which target non-existent accessors
  • KT-25894 Do not generate body for functions from Any in light class builder mode
  • KT-20772 Incorrect smart cast on enum members
  • KT-24657 Compiler performance issues with big files
  • KT-25745 Do not report warning about annotations on non-existing accessors for JvmStatic properties
  • KT-25746 Improve message for warning about annotations that have target to non-existing accessors
  • KT-25810 New Inference: Overload resolution ambiguity on method 'provideDelegate(Nothing?, KProperty<*>)' when there's more than one provideDelegate operator in scope
  • KT-25973 Report metadata version mismatch upon discovering a .kotlin_module file in the dependencies with an incompatible metadata version
  • KT-22281 JVM: Incorrect comparison of Double and Float when types are derived from smart-casts
  • KT-22649 Compiler: wrong code generated / Couldn't transform method node - using inline extension property inside lambda


  • KT-18301 kotlin needs crazy amount of memory
  • KT-23668 Methods with internal visibility have different mangling names in IDE and in compiler
  • KT-24892 please remove usages of com.intellij.util.containers.ConcurrentFactoryMap#ConcurrentFactoryMap deprecated long ago
  • KT-25144 Quick fix “Change signature” changes class of argument when applied for descendant classes with enabled -Xnew-inference option
  • KT-25356 Update Gradle Kotlin-DSL icon according to new IDEA 2018.2 icons style
  • KT-20056 TCE on creating object of an anonymous class in Kotlin script
  • KT-25092 SourcePsi should be physical leaf element but got OPERATION_REFERENCE
  • KT-25249 Uast operates "Unit" type instead of "void"
  • KT-25255 Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Kotlin Updates: show currently installed version
  • KT-25297 Inconsistency in KotlinULambdaExpression and KotlinLocalFunctionULambdaExpression
  • KT-25515 Add/remove analysis-related compiler setting does not update IDE project model immediately
  • KT-25524 UAST: proper resolve for function variable call
  • KT-25640 "Configure Kotlin" action changes values of language and API version in project settings

IDE. Debugger

  • KT-25147 Conditional breakpoints doesn't work in common code of MPP
  • KT-25152 MPP debug doesn't navigate to common code if there are same named files in common and platform parts

IDE. Gradle

  • KT-22732 TestNG runner is always used for TestNG tests even when Use Gradle runner is selected
  • KT-25913 Honor 'store generated project files externally option' for Kotlin facets imported from Gradle
  • KT-25955 Support expect/actual in new MPP imported into IDEA

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-6633 Inspection to detect unnecessary "with" calls
  • KT-25146 Add quick-fix for default parameter value removal
  • KT-7675 Create inspection to replace if with let
  • KT-13515 Add intention to replace '?.let' with null check
  • KT-13854 Need intention actions: to convert property with getter to initializer
  • KT-15476 Inspection to convert non-lazy chains of collection functions into sequences
  • KT-22068 Force usage of “it” in .forEach{} calls
  • KT-23445 Inspection and quickfix to replace assertTrue(a == b) with assertEquals(a, b)
  • KT-25270 "return@foo" outside of lambda should have quickfix to remove "@foo" label


  • KT-11154 Spell checking inspection is not suppressable
  • KT-18681 "Replace 'if' with 'when'" generates unnecessary else block
  • KT-24001 "Suspicious combination of == and ===" false positive
  • KT-24385 Convert lambda to reference refactor produces red code with companion object
  • KT-24694 Move lambda out of parentheses should not be applied for multiple functional parameters
  • KT-25089 False-positive "Call chain on collection type can be simplified" for map and joinToString on a HashMap
  • KT-25169 Impossible to suppress UAST/JVM inspections
  • KT-25321 Safe delete of a class property implementing constructor parameter at the platform side doesn't remove all the related declarations
  • KT-25539 Make class open quick fix doesn't update all the related implementations of a multiplatform class
  • KT-25608 Confusing "Redundant override" inspection message
  • KT-16422 Replace lambda with method reference inspections fails
  • KT-21999 Convert lambda to reference adds this with incorrect label
  • KT-23467 False positive suspicious callable reference on scoping function called on another lambda
  • KT-25044 "Implement member" quick-fix should not generate 'actual' modifier with expect declaration in interface only
  • KT-25579 Redundant semicolon erroneously reported during local var modifier ambiguity
  • KT-25633 “Add kotlin-XXX.jar to the classpath” quick fix adds dependency with invalid version in Gradle-based projects
  • KT-25739 "Convert to run" / "Convert to with" intentions incorrectly process references to Java static members
  • KT-25928 "Let extend" quick fix is suggested in case of nullable/non-null TYPE_MISMATCH collision
  • KT-26042 False positive "Remove redundant '.let' call" for lambda with destructured arguments


  • KT-22815 Update quick documentation
  • KT-22648 Quick Doc popup: break (long?) declarations into several lines

IDE. Libraries

  • KT-25129 Idea freezes when Kotlin plugin tries to determine if jar is js lib in jvm module

IDE. Navigation

  • KT-25317 Go to actual declaration keyboard shortcut doesn't work for expect object, showing "No implementations found" message
  • KT-25492 Find usages: keep Expected functions option state while searching for usages of a regular function
  • KT-25498 Find Usages doesn't show Supertype usages of actual declarations with constructor

IDE. Project View

  • KT-22823 Text pasted into package is parsed as Kotlin before Java

IDE. Refactorings

  • KT-22072 "Convert MutableMap.put to assignment" should not be applicable when put is used as expression
  • KT-23590 Incorrect conflict warning "Internal function will not be accessible" when moving class from jvm to common module
  • KT-23594 Incorrect conflict warning about IllegalStateException when moving class from jvm to common module
  • KT-23772 MPP: Refactor / Rename class does not update name of file containing related expect/actual class
  • KT-23914 Safe search false positives during moves between common and actual modules
  • KT-25326 Refactor/Safe Delete doesn't report actual object usages
  • KT-25438 Refactor/Safe delete of a multiplatform companion object: usage is not reported
  • KT-25857 Refactoring → Move moves whole file in case of moving class from Kotlin script
  • KT-25858 Refactoring → Move can be called only for class declarations in Kotlin script

IDE. Script

  • KT-25814 IDE scripting console -> kotlin (JSR-223) - compilation errors - unresolved IDEA classes
  • KT-25822 jvmTarget from the script compiler options is ignored in the IDE

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-23368 IDE: Build: JPS errors are reported for valid non-multiplatform module depending on multiplatform one

IDE. Ultimate

  • KT-25595 Rename Kotlin-specific "Protractor" run configuration to distinguish it from the one provided by NodeJS plugin
  • KT-19309 Spring JPA Repository IntelliJ tooling with Kotlin

IDE. Tests Support

  • KT-26228 NoClassDefFoundError: org/jetbrains/kotlin/idea/run/KotlinTestNgConfigurationProducer on running a JUnit test with TestNG plugin disabled


  • KT-25541 Incorrect parameter names in reflection for inner class constructor from Java class compiled with "-parameters"

Tools. CLI

  • KT-21910 Add -Xfriend-paths compiler argument to support internal visibility checks in production/test sources from external build systems
  • KT-25554 Do not report warnings when -XXLanguage was used to turn on deprecation
  • KT-25196 Optional expected annotation is visible in platforms where it doesn't have actual

Tools. JPS

  • KT-25540 JPS JS IC does not recompile usages from other modules when package is different

Tools. kapt

  • KT-25396 KAPT Error: Unknown option: infoAsWarnings
  • KT-26211 Kotlin plugin 1.2.60+ breaks IDEA source/resource/test roots in a Maven project with Kapt

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-25025 Inter-project IC for JS in Gradle
  • KT-25455 Gradle IC: when class signature is changed its indirect subclasses in different module are not recompiled

Tools. JPS

  • KT-25998 Build process starts compiling w/o any changes (on release version)
  • KT-25977 Can not run a Kotlin test
  • KT-26072 MPP compilation issue
  • KT-26113 Build takes around 20 seconds in already fully built IDEA project

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-26142 update maven-central remote repository url

Tools. Incremental Compile

  • KT-26528 ISE “To save disabled cache status [delete] should be called (this behavior is kept for compatibility)” on compiling project with enabled IC in Maven


  • KT-22053 JS: Secondary constructor of Throwable inheritor doesn't call to primary one
  • KT-26064 JS inliner calls wrong constructor in incremental build
  • KT-26117 JS runtime error: ArrayList_init instead of ArrayList_init_0


  • KT-18067 KotlinJS - String.compareTo(other: String, ignoreCase: Boolean = false): Int
  • KT-19507 Using @JvmName from stdlib-common fails to compile in JS module.
  • KT-19508 Add @JsName to stdlib-common for controlling JS implementation
  • KT-24478 Annotate relevant standard library annotations with @OptionalExpectation
  • KT-25980 JvmSynthetic annotation has no description in the docs

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from the previous 1.2.61 release.

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