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Language design

  • KEEP-104 Inline classes
  • KEEP-135 Unsigned integer types
  • KEEP-95 Experimental API annotations
  • KT-13762 Prohibit annotations with target 'EXPRESSION' and retention 'BINARY' or 'RUNTIME'
  • KT-16681 kotlin allows mutating the field of read-only property
  • KT-21515 Restrict visibility of classifiers, nested in companion objects


  • KT-24848 Refine loading Java overrides of Kotlin suspend functions
  • KT-9580 Report an error if 'setparam' target does not make sense for a parameter declaration
  • KT-16310 Nested classes inside enum entries capturing outer members
  • KT-17981 Type parameter for catch parameter possible when exception is nested in generic, but fails in runtime
  • KT-21354 Inconsistent behavior of 'for-in-range' loop if range is an array variable modified in loop body
  • KT-25333 Restrict visibility of Java static members from supertypes of companion object
  • KT-25623 Do not load experimental coroutines as non-suspend function with additional Continuation parameter

Backend. JVM

  • KT-6301 Support JvmStatic annotation on interface companion object members
  • KT-25508 Inject probeCoroutineSuspended to coroutines body
  • KT-18987 Unroll recursion in CoroutineImpl.resume
  • KT-11567 Companion object INSTANCE field more visible than companion object class itself
  • KT-13764 Support lambdas and function references for arities bigger than 22
  • KT-16615 Do not generate ConstantValue attribute for non-const vals
  • KT-25193 Names of parameters from Java interface methods implemented by delegation are lost
  • KT-25324 VerifyError “Bad type on operand stack” on running code with call of array iterator for array of inline classes
  • KT-25325 CCE “Foo cannot be cast to java.lang.String” for iterating over the list of inline classes
  • KT-25626 Inline class values inside string literals don't use their own toString implementation

Backend. JVM. Coroutines

  • KT-20219 Inline suspend function can't be used as non-inline function
  • KT-24863 Support new Continuation API in JVM BE
  • KT-24864 Create new CoroutineImpl and other internal coroutines interfaces

Backend. JVM. Inline

  • KT-25511 Inline classes fail with cross-inline functions

Binary Metadata

  • KT-24617 Optional expected annotation is unresolved in a dependent platform module
  • KT-25120 RequireKotlin on nested class and its members is not loaded correctly
  • KT-25273 java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException from incremental JS compilation
  • KT-25310 Write isUnsigned flag into metadata for unsigned types


  • KT-15807 @JvmField is not applicable to interface companion properties
  • KT-16962 Annotation classes cannot contain types or static fields because they cannot have a body
  • KT-23153 Compiler allows to set non constant value as annotation parameter
  • KT-23362 Move coroutines to package kolin.coroutines for 1.3
  • KT-24861 Fix loading kotlin.suspend compiled with LV=1.2 when release coroutines package is used
  • KT-25241 Kotlin compiler doesn't warn about usage of lambda/reference with more than 22 parameters
  • KT-25600 NSEE “Collection is empty” after trying to call default constructor of unsigned number class

Frontend. Data-flow analysis

  • KT-22517 Deprecate smartcasts for local delegated properties

Frontend. Declarations

  • KT-19618 Data class copy() call with optional parameters leads to broken code when the class implements an interface with copy()
  • KT-23277 Prohibit local annotation classes
  • KT-24197 Make 'mod' operator error in 1.3

Frontend. Lexer & Parser

  • KT-24663 Add 'UL' suffix to represent number literals of unsigned Long type

Frontend. Resolution and Inference

  • KT-16908 Support callable references to suspending functions
  • KT-20588 Report error on single element assignment to varargs in named form in annotations
  • KT-20589 Report error on single element assignment to varargs in named form in functions
  • KT-24859 Disallow calls of functions annotated with receiver annotated with @RestrictsSuspension in foreign suspension context


  • KT-25466 Make coroutines resolve to be independent of language and API versions set in Kotlin Compiler settings

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

  • KT-24243 Support quick fix to enable usages of Experimental/UseExperimental
  • KT-11154 Spell checking inspection is not suppressable
  • KT-25169 Impossible to suppress UAST/JVM inspections

IDE. Libraries

  • KT-25129 Idea freezes when Kotlin plugin tries to determine if jar is js lib in jvm module


New Features

  • KEEP-131, KT-17261 Add random number generator to stdlib and related collection extension functions
  • KT-7922 Companion object for Boolean
  • KT-8247 Byte size for primitives
  • KT-16552 Add Sequence.orEmpty()
  • KT-18559 Make SafeContinuation and context impl classes serializable
  • KT-18910 StringBuilder#setLength(0) in non-JVM Kotlin
  • KT-21763 Provide Char MIN_VALUE/MAX_VALUE constants
  • KT-23279 isNullOrEmpty() for collections, maps, and arrays
  • KT-23602 Make kotlin.Metadata public


  • KT-23564 KotlinJS: Math is deprecated yet random is not a global function
  • KT-24856 Create compatibility wrappers for migration from 1.2 to 1.3 coroutines
  • KT-24862 Create new Continuation API for coroutines


  • KT-25541 Incorrect parameter names in reflection for inner class constructor from Java class compiled with "-parameters"