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New Features

  • KT-17679 Support suspend fun main in JVM
  • KT-24854 Support suspend function types for arities bigger than 22
  • KT-26574 Support main entry-point without arguments in frontend, IDE and JVM

Performance Improvements

  • KT-26490 Change boxing technique: instead of calling valueOf, allocate new wrapper type


  • KT-22069 Array class literals are always loaded as Array<*> from deserialized annotations
  • KT-22892 Call of invoke function with lambda parameter on a field named suspend should be reported
  • KT-24708 Incorrect WhenMappings code generated in case of mixed enum classes in when conditions
  • KT-24853 Forbid KSuspendFunctionN and SuspendFunctionN to be used as supertypes
  • KT-24866 Review support of all operators for suspend function and forbid all unsupported
  • KT-25461 Mangle names of functions that have top-level inline class types in their signatures to allow non-trivial non-public constructors
  • KT-25785 Unsigned delegated property returns different value depending on the site it is used
  • KT-25855 Load Java declarations which reference kotlin.jvm.functions.FunctionN as Deprecated with level ERROR
  • KT-26071 Postpone conversions from signed constant literals to unsigned ones
  • KT-26141 actual typealias for expect sealed class results in error "This type is sealed, so it can be inherited by only its own nested classes or objects"
  • KT-26200 Forbid suspend functions annotated with @kotlin.test.Test
  • KT-26219 Result of unsigned predecrement/preincrement is not boxed as expected
  • KT-26223 Inline lambda arguments of inline class types are passed incorrectly
  • KT-26291 Boxed/primitive types clash when overriding Kotlin from Java with common generic supertype with inline class type argument
  • KT-26403 Add -impl suffix to box/unbox methods and make them synthetic
  • KT-26404 Mangling: setters for properties of inline class types
  • KT-26409 implies in CallsInPlace effect isn't supported
  • KT-26437 Generate constructors containing inline classes as parameter types as private with synthetic accessors
  • KT-26449 Prohibit equals-like and hashCode-like declarations inside inline classes
  • KT-26451 Generate static methods with equals/hashCode implementations
  • KT-26452 Get rid of $Erased nested class in ABI of inline classes
  • KT-26453 Generate all static methods in inline classes with “-impl” suffix
  • KT-26454 Prohibit @JvmName on functions that are assumed to be mangled
  • KT-26468 Inline class ABI: Constructor invocation is not represented in bytecode
  • KT-26480 Report error from compiler when suspension point is located between corresponding MONITORENTER/MONITOREXIT
  • KT-26538 Prepare kotlin.Result to publication in 1.3
  • KT-26558 Inline Classes: IllegalStateException when invoking secondary constructor for a primitive underlying type
  • KT-26570 Inline classes ABI
  • KT-26573 Reserve box, unbox, equals and hashCode methods inside inline class for future releases
  • KT-26575 Reserve bodies of secondary constructors for inline classes
  • KT-26576 Generate stubs for box/unbox/equals/hashCode inside inline classes
  • KT-26580 Add version to kotlin.coroutines.jvm.internal.DebugMetadata
  • KT-26659 Prohibit using kotlin.Result as a return type and with special operators
  • KT-26687 Stdlib contracts have no effect in common code
  • KT-26707 companion val of primitive type is not treated as compile time constant
  • KT-26720 Write language version requirement on inline classes and on declarations that use inline classes
  • KT-26859 Inline class misses unboxing when using indexer into an ArrayList
  • KT-26936 Report warning instead of error on usages of Experimental/UseExperimental
  • KT-26958 Introduce builder-inference with an explicit opt-in for it


New Features

  • KT-26525 "Move Element Right/Left": Support type parameters in where clause (multiple type constraints)


  • KT-22491 MPP new project/new module templates are not convenient
  • KT-26428 Kotlin Migration in AS32 / AS33 fails to complete after "Indexing paused due to batch update" event
  • KT-26484 Do not show -Xmulti-platform option in facets for common modules of multiplatform projects with the new model
  • KT-26584 @language prefix and suffix are ignored for function arguments
  • KT-26679 Coroutine migrator should rename buildSequence/buildIterator to their new names
  • KT-26732 Kotlin language version from IDEA settings is not taken into account when working with Java code
  • KT-26770 Android module in a multiplatform project isn't recognised as a multiplatform module
  • KT-26794 Bad version detection during migration in Android Studio 3.2
  • KT-26823 Fix deadlock in databinding with AndroidX which led to Android Studio hanging
  • KT-26827 ISE “Error type encountered: [ERROR : UInt] (UnresolvedType)” for data inline class wrapped unsigned type
  • KT-26829 ISE “Error type encountered: [ERROR : UInt] (UnresolvedType)” for using as a field inline class wrapped unsigned type
  • KT-26843 LazyLightClassMemberMatchingError$NoMatch: Couldn't match ClsMethodImpl:getX MemberIndex(index=1) (with 0 parameters) on inline class overriding inherited interface method defined in different files
  • KT-26895 Exception while building light class for @serializable annotated class

IDE. Android

  • KT-26169 Android extensions are not recognised by IDE in multiplatform projects
  • KT-26813 Multiplatform projects without Android target are not imported properly into Android Studio

IDE. Code Style, Formatting

  • KT-22322 Incorrect indent after pressing Enter after annotation entry
  • KT-26377 Formatter does not add blank line between annotation and type alias (or secondary constructor)

IDE. Decompiler

  • KT-25853 IDEA hangs when Kotlin bytecode tool window open while editing a class with secondary constructor

IDE. Gradle

  • KT-26634 Do not generate module for metadataMain compilation on new MPP import
  • KT-26675 Gradle: Dependency on multiple files gets duplicated on import

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-17687 Quickfix for "Interface doesn't have constructors" to convert to anonymous object
  • KT-24728 Add quickfix to remove single explicit & unused lambda parameter
  • KT-25533 An intention to create actual implementations for expect members annotated with @OptionalExpectation
  • KT-25621 Inspections for functions returning SuccessOrFailure
  • KT-25969 Add an inspection for 'flatMap { it }'
  • KT-26230 Inspection: replace safe cast (as?) with if (instance check + early return)


  • KT-13343 Remove explicit type specification breaks code if initializer omits generics
  • KT-19586 Create actual implementation does nothing when platform module has no source directories.
  • KT-22361 Multiplatform: "Generate equals() and hashCode()" intention generates JVM specific code for arrays in common module
  • KT-22552 SimplifiableCallChain should keep formatting and comments
  • KT-24129 Multiplatform quick fix add implementation suggests generated source location
  • KT-24405 False "redundant overriding method" for abstract / default interface method combination
  • KT-24978 Do not highlight foldable if-then for is checks
  • KT-25228 "Create function" from a protected inline method should not produce a private method
  • KT-25525 @Experimental-related quick fixes are not suggested for usages in top-level property
  • KT-25526 @Experimental-related quick fixes are not suggested for usages in type alias
  • KT-25548 @Experimental API usage: "Add annotation" quick fix incorrectly modifies primary constructor
  • KT-25609 "Unused symbol" inspection reports annotation used only in -Xexperimental/-Xuse-experimental settings
  • KT-25711 "Deferred result is never used" inspection: remove experimental package (or whole FQN) from description
  • KT-25712 "Redundant 'async' call" inspection quick fix action label looks too long
  • KT-25883 False "redundant override" reported on boxed parameters
  • KT-25886 False positive "Replace 'if' with elvis operator" for nullable type
  • KT-25968 False positive "Remove redundant backticks" with keyword yield
  • KT-26009 "Convert to 'also'" intention adds an extra it expression
  • KT-26015 Intention to move property to constructor adds @field: qualifier to annotations
  • KT-26179 False negative "Boolean expression that can be simplified" for !true
  • KT-26181 Inspection for unused Deferred result: report for all functions by default
  • KT-26185 False positive "redundant semicolon" with if-else
  • KT-26187 "Cascade if can be replaced with when" loses lambda curly braces
  • KT-26289 Redundant let with call expression: don't report for long call chains
  • KT-26306 "Add annotation target" quick fix adds EXPRESSION annotation, but not SOURCE retention
  • KT-26343 "Replace 'if' expression with elvis expression" produces wrong code in extension function with not null type parameter
  • KT-26353 "Make variable immutable" is a bad name for a quickfix that changes 'var' to 'val'
  • KT-26472 "Maven dependency is incompatible with Kotlin 1.3+ and should be updated" inspection is not included into Kotlin Migration
  • KT-26492 "Make private" on annotated annotation produces nasty new line
  • KT-26599 "Foldable if-then" inspection marks if statements that cannot be folded using ?. operator
  • KT-26674 Move lambda out of parentheses is not proposed for suspend lambda
  • KT-26676 ReplaceWith always puts suspend lambda in parentheses
  • KT-26810 "Incompatible kotlinx.coroutines dependency" inspections report library built for 1.3-RC with 1.3-RC plugin

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-20368 Unresolved reference to declarations from kotlin.reflect in common code in multi-platform project: no "Add import" quick-fix
  • KT-26356 New MPP doesn't work with Android projects
  • KT-26369 Library dependencies don't transitively pass for custom source sets at new MPP import to IDE
  • KT-26414 Remove old multiplatform modules templates from New Project/New Module wizard
  • KT-26517 Create actual ... generates default constructor parameter values
  • KT-26585 Stdlib annotations annotated with @OptionalExpectation are reported with false positive error in common module

IDE. Navigation

  • KT-18490 Multiplatform project: Set text cursor correctly to file with header on navigation from impl side

IDE. Refactorings

  • KT-17124 Change signature refactoring dialog unescapes escaped parameter names
  • KT-25454 Extract function: make default visibility private
  • KT-26533 Move refactoring on interface shows it as "abstract interface" in the dialog

IDE. Tests Support

  • KT-26228 NoClassDefFoundError: org/jetbrains/kotlin/idea/run/KotlinTestNgConfigurationProducer on running a JUnit test with TestNG plugin disabled
  • KT-26793 Left gutter run icon does not appear for JS tests in old MPP

IDE. Ultimate

  • KT-19309 Spring JPA Repository IntelliJ tooling with Kotlin


  • KT-26466 Uncaught ReferenceError: println is not defined
  • KT-26572 Support suspend fun main in JS
  • KT-26628 Support main entry-point without arguments in JS


New Features

  • KT-25039 Any?.hashCode() extension
  • KT-26359 Use JvmName on parameters of kotlin.Metadata to improve the public API
  • KT-26398 Coroutine context shall perform structural equality comparison on keys
  • KT-26598 Introduce ConcurrentModificationException actual typealias in the JVM library

Performance Improvements

  • KT-18483 Check to contains value in range can be dramatically slow


  • KT-17716 JS: Some kotlin.js.Math methods break Integer type safety
  • KT-21703 Review deprecations in stdlib for 1.3
  • KT-21784 Deprecate and remove org.jetbrains.annotations from kotlin-stdlib in compiler distribution
  • KT-22423 Deprecate mixed integer/floating point overloads of ClosedRange.contains operator
  • KT-25217 Raise deprecation level for mod operators to ERROR
  • KT-25935 Move kotlin.reflect interfaces to kotlin-stdlib-common
  • KT-26358 Rebuild anko for new coroutines API
  • KT-26388 Specialize contentDeepEquals/HashCode/ToString for arrays of unsigned types
  • KT-26523 EXACTLY_ONCE contract in runCatching doesn't consider lambda exceptions are caught
  • KT-26591 Add primitive boxing functions to stdlib
  • KT-26594 Change signed-to-unsigned widening conversions to sign extending
  • KT-26595 Deprecate common 'synchronized(Any) { }' function
  • KT-26596 Rename Random.nextInt/Long/Double parameters
  • KT-26678 Rename buildSequence/buildIterator to sequence/iterator
  • KT-26929 Kotlin Reflect and Proguard: can’t find referenced class kotlin.annotations.jvm.ReadOnly/Mutable


  • KT-25499 Use-site targeted annotations on property accessors are not visible in Kotlin reflection if there's also an annotation on the property
  • KT-25500 Annotations on parameter setter are not visible through reflection
  • KT-25664 Inline classes don't work properly with reflection
  • KT-26293 Incorrect javaType for suspend function's returnType

Tools. CLI

  • KT-24613 Support argfiles in kotlinc with "@argfile"
  • KT-25862 Release '-Xprogressive' as '-progressive'
  • KT-26122 Support single quotation marks in argfiles

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-25680 Gradle plugin: version with non-experimental coroutines and no related settings still runs compiler with -Xcoroutines option
  • KT-26253 New MPP model shouldn't generate metadataMain and metadataTest source sets on IDE import
  • KT-26383 Common modules dependencies are not mapped at import of a composite multiplatform project with project dependencies into IDE
  • KT-26515 Support -Xcommon-sources in new MPP
  • KT-26641 In new MPP, Gradle task for building classes has a name unexpected for GradleProjectTaskRunner
  • KT-26784 Support non-kts scripts discovery and compilation in gradle

Tools. JPS

  • KT-26072 MPP compilation issue
  • KT-26254 JPS build for new MPP model doesn't work: kotlinFacet?.settings?.sourceSetNames is empty

Tools. kapt

  • KT-25374 Kapt: Build fails with Unresolved local class
  • KT-26540 kapt3 fails to handle to-be-generated superclasses
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