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@romanart romanart released this Dec 6, 2018 · 1 commit to 1.3.0 since this release


The release contains the JVM version of Kotlin compiler and also one native system dependent version for every major platform (Linux, macOS, and Windows). Those binaries are built with Excelsior JET AOT compiler ( and have faster startup time which is suitable for building small files or scripts.

Android Studio Compatibility

Please note that Kotlin 1.3.11 and its plugin are only compatible with AS 3.2.1, 3.3 RC2+ and 3.4 C6+



  • KT-28097 AbstractMethodError for @JvmSuppressWildcards annotation used with coroutines
  • KT-28225 Report a warning when comparing incompatible enums

IDE. Gradle

  • KT-28389 MPP IDE import does not recognize a dependency from a subproject to the root project

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

  • KT-28445 "Redundant async" inspection does not work with release coroutines

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-27632 MPP IDE commonMain cannot see other commonMain types transitively which are exposed through a middle multiplatform module


  • KT-27946 Late initialization based on contracts breaks Kotlin/JS in 1.3.0

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-27500 MPP: Native: .module dependency is reported as error in the IDE after import

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from the previous releases.

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