• KT-29475 IllegalArgumentException at getAbstractTypeFromDescriptor with deeply nested expression inside function named with a right parenthesis
  • KT-29479 WARN: Could not read file on Java classes from JDK 11+
  • KT-29360 Kotlin 1.3.20-eap-100: This marker function should never been called. Looks like compiler did not eliminate it properly. Please, report an issue if you caught this exception.



  • KT-29486 Throwable: "Could not find correct module information" through IdeaKotlinUastResolveProviderService.getBindingContext() and ReplaceWithAnnotationAnalyzer.analyzeOriginal()
  • KT-29394 Kotlin 1.3.20 EAP: Excess log messages with kotlin.parallel.tasks.in.project=true
  • KT-29474 Regression in 1.3.20: Kotlin IDE plugin parses all *.gradle.kts files when any class in buildSrc is opened
  • KT-29290 Warning "function returning deferred with a name that does not end with async" should not be displayed for let/also/apply...
  • KT-29494 Don't report BooleanLiteralArgumentInspection in batch (offline) mode with INFORMATION severity
  • KT-29525 turning on parallel tasks causes java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class kotlin.Unit sometimes
  • KT-27769 Change the DSL marker icon
  • KT-29118 Log polluted with multiple "Kotlin does not support alternative resolve" reports

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-28128 MPP Kotlin/Native re-downloads POM files on IDE Gradle refresh


  • KT-29400 IDE REPL in Gradle project: "IllegalStateException: consoleView must not be null" on module build



  • KT-29612 jlink refuses to consume stdlib containing non-public package kotlin.native

Tools. CLI

  • KT-29596 "AssertionError: Cannot load extensions/common.xml from kotlin-compiler.jar" on IBM JDK 8

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-29476 1.3.20 MPP Android publishing common api configuration with runtime scope
  • KT-29725 MPP Gradle 5.2: NoSuchMethodError in WrapUtil
  • KT-29485 In MPP with Gradle module metadata, POM rewriting does not replace the root module publication with a platform one if the former has a custom artifact ID

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-29490 Regression in 1.3.20: Kotlin Jsr223 script engine cannot handle functional return types

Tools. Kapt

  • KT-29481 Annotation processors run on androidTest source set even without the kaptAndroidTest declaration
  • KT-29513 kapt throws "ZipException: zip END header not found", when Graal SVM jar in classpath
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