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@Movshin Movshin released this Jun 19, 2019 · 28 commits to 1.3.40 since this release


The release contains the JVM version of Kotlin compiler and also one native system dependent version for every major platform (Linux, macOS, and Windows).





  • KT-12402 Android DataBinding work correctly but the IDE show it as error
  • KT-31432 Remove obsolete code introduced in KT-12402


New Features

  • KT-29915 Implement typeOf on JVM
  • KT-30467 Provide a way to to save compiled script(s) as a jar

Performance Improvements

  • KT-17755 Optimize trimIndent and trimMargin on constant strings
  • KT-30603 Compiler performance issue: VariableLivenessKt.useVar performance


  • KT-19227 Load built-ins from dependencies by default in the compiler, support erroneous "fallback" built-ins
  • KT-23426 Actual typealias to Java enum does not match expected enum because of modality
  • KT-23854 Inference for common type of two captured types
  • KT-25105 False-positive warning "Remove final upper bound" on generic override
  • KT-25302 New inference: "Type mismatch" between star projection and Any? type argument in specific case
  • KT-25433 Wrong order of fixing type variables for callable references
  • KT-26386 Front-end recursion problem while analyzing contract function with call expression of self in implies
  • KT-26412 Wrong LVT generated if decomposed parameter of suspend lambda is not the first parameter.
  • KT-27097 JvmMultifileClass + JvmName causes NoSuchMethodError on sealed class hierarchy for top-level members
  • KT-28534 Local variable entries are missing in LVT for suspend lambda parameters
  • KT-28535 Rename result to $result in coroutines' LVT
  • KT-29184 Implement inference for coroutines according to the @BuilderInference contract in NI
  • KT-29772 Contracts don't work if contract function is fully qualified (FQN)
  • KT-29790 Incorrect version requirement in metadata of anonymous class for suspend lambda
  • KT-29948 NI: incorrect DSLMarker behaviour with generic star projection
  • KT-30021 +NewInference on Kotlin Native :: java.lang.StackOverflowError
  • KT-30242 Statements are not coerced to Unit in last expressions of lambda
  • KT-30243 Include FIR modules into compiler
  • KT-30250 Rewrite at slice exception for callable reference argument inside delegated expression
  • KT-30292 Reference to function is unresolved when LHS is a star-projected type
  • KT-30293 Wrong intersection type for common supertype from String and integer type
  • KT-30370 Call is completed too early when there is "Nothing" constraint
  • KT-30405 Support expected type from cast in new inference
  • KT-30406 Fix testIfOrWhenSpecialCall test for new inference
  • KT-30590 Report diagnostic about not enough information for inference in NI
  • KT-30620 Exception from the compiler when coroutine-inference is involved even with the explicitly specified types
  • KT-30656 Exception is occurred when functions with implicit return-stub types are involved in builder-inference
  • KT-30658 Exception from the compiler when getting callable reference to a suspend function
  • KT-30661 Disable SAM conversions to Kotlin functions in new-inference by default
  • KT-30676 Overload resolution ambiguity when there is a callable reference argument and candidates with different functional return types
  • KT-30694 No debug metadata is generated for suspend lambdas which capture crossinline
  • KT-30724 False positive error about missing equals when one of the operands is incorrectly inferred to Nothing
  • KT-30734 No smartcast inside lambda literal in then/else "if" branch
  • KT-30737 Try analysing callable reference preemptively
  • KT-30780 Compiler crashes on 'private inline' function accessing private constant in 'inline class' (regression)
  • KT-30816 BasicJvmScriptEvaluator passes constructor parameters in incorrect order
  • KT-30826 There isn't report about unsafe call in the new inference (by invalidating smartcast), NPE
  • KT-30843 Duplicate JVM class name for expect/actual classes in JvmMultifileClass-annotated file
  • KT-30853 Compiler crashes with NewInference and Kotlinx.Coroutines Flow
  • KT-30927 Data flow info isn't used for 'this' which is returned from lambda using labeled return
  • KT-31081 Implement ArgumentMatch abstraction in new inference
  • KT-31113 Fix failing tests from SlicerTestGenerated
  • KT-31199 Unresolved callable references with typealias
  • KT-31339 Inliner does not remove redundant continuation classes, leading to CNFE in JMH bytecode processing
  • KT-31346 Fix diagnostic DSL_SCOPE_VIOLATION for new inference
  • KT-31356 False-positive error about violating dsl scope for new-inference
  • KT-31360 NI: inconsistently prohibits member usage without explicit receiver specification with star projection and DSL marker
  • KT-18563 Do not generate inline reified functions as private in bytecode
  • KT-20849 Inference results in Nothing type argument in case of passing 'out T' to 'in T1'
  • KT-25290 New inference: KNPE at ResolutionPartsKt.getExpectedTypeWithSAMConversion() on out projection of Java class
  • KT-26418 Back-end (JVM) Internal error when compiling decorated suspend inline functions
  • KT-26925 Decorated suspend inline function continuation resumes in wrong spot
  • KT-28999 Prohibit type parameters for anonymous objects
  • KT-29307 New inference: false negative CONSTANT_EXPECTED_TYPE_MISMATCH with a Map
  • KT-29475 IllegalArgumentException at getAbstractTypeFromDescriptor with deeply nested expression inside function named with a right parenthesis
  • KT-29996 Properly report errors on attempt to inline bytecode from class files compiled to 1.8 to one compiling to 1.6
  • KT-30289 Don't generate annotations on synthetic methods for methods with default values for parameters
  • KT-30410 [NI] Front-end recursion problem while analyzing contract function with call expression of self in implies
  • KT-30411 Fold recursive types to star-projected ones when inferring type variables
  • KT-30706 Passing noinline lambda as (cross)inline parameter result in wrong state-machine
  • KT-30707 Java interop of coroutines inside inline functions is broken
  • KT-30983 ClassCastException: DeserializedTypeAliasDescriptor cannot be cast to PackageViewDescriptor on star-import of expect enum class actualized with typealias
  • KT-31242 "Can't find enclosing method" proguard compilation exception with inline and crossinline
  • KT-31347 "IndexOutOfBoundsException: Insufficient maximum stack size" with crossinline and suspend
  • KT-31354 Suspend inline functions with crossinline parameters are inaccessible from java
  • KT-31367 IllegalStateException: Concrete fake override public open fun (...) defined in TheIssue[PropertyGetterDescriptorImpl@1a03c376] should have exactly one concrete super-declaration: []
  • KT-31461 NI: NONE_APPLICABLE instead of TYPE_MISMATCH when invoking convention plus operator
  • KT-31503 Type mismatch with recursive types and SAM conversions
  • KT-31507 Enable new type inference algorithm for IDE analysis
  • KT-31514 New inference generates multiple errors on generic inline expression with elvis operator
  • KT-31520 False positive "not enough information" for constraint with star projection and covariant type
  • KT-31606 Rewrite at slice on using callable reference with array access operator
  • KT-31620 False-positive "not enough information" for coroutine-inference when target method is assigned to a variable
  • KT-31624 Type from declared upper bound in Java is considered more specific than Nothing producing type mismatch later
  • KT-31860 Explicit type argument isn't considered as input type causing errors about "only input types"
  • KT-31866 Problems with using star-projections on LHS of callable reference
  • KT-31868 No type mismatch error when using NoInfer annotation
  • KT-31941 Good code red in IDE with smart cast on parameter of a generic type after null check


New Features

  • KT-11242 Action to copy project diagnostic information to clipboard
  • KT-24292 Support external nullability annotations
  • KT-30453 Add plugin option (registry?) to enable new inference only in IDE

Performance Improvements

  • KT-13841 Classes and functions should be lazy-parseable
  • KT-27106 Performance issue with optimize imports
  • KT-30442 Several second lag on project open in KotlinNonJvmSourceRootConverterProvider
  • KT-30644 ConfigureKotlinInProjectUtilsKt freezes UI


  • KT-7380 Imports insertion on paste does not work correctly when there were alias imports in the source file
  • KT-10512 Do not delete imports with unresolved parts when optimizing
  • KT-13048 "Strip trailing spaces on Save" should not strip trailing spaces inside multiline strings in Kotlin
  • KT-17375 Optimize Imports does not remove unused import alias
  • KT-27385 Uast: property references should resolve to getters/setters
  • KT-28627 Invalid detection of Kotlin jvmTarget inside Idea/gradle build
  • KT-29267 Enable ultra-light classes by default
  • KT-29892 A lot of threads are waiting in KotlinConfigurationCheckerComponent
  • KT-30356 Kotlin facet: all JVM 9+ target platforms are shown as "Target Platform = JVM 9" in Project Structure dialog
  • KT-30514 Auto-import with "Add unambiguous imports on the fly" imports enum members from another package
  • KT-30583 Kotlin light elements should be isEquivalentTo to it's origins
  • KT-30688 Memory leak in the PerModulePackageCacheService.onTooComplexChange method
  • KT-30949 Optimize Imports removes used import alias
  • KT-30957 Kotlin UAST: USimpleNameReferenceExpression in "imports" for class' member resolves incorrectly to class, not to the member
  • KT-31090 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.UtilsKt.addModuleDependencyIfNeeded on import of a multiplatform project with Android target (191 IDEA + master)
  • KT-31092 Don't check all selected files in CheckComponentsUsageSearchAction.update()
  • KT-31319 False positive "Unused import" for provideDelegate extension
  • KT-31332 Kotlin AnnotatedElementsSearch does't support Kotlin object
  • KT-31129 Call only Kotlin-specific reference contributors for getting Kotlin references from PSI
  • KT-31693 Project with no Kotlin: JPS rebuild fails with NCDFE for GradleSettingsService at KotlinMPPGradleProjectTaskRunner.canRun()
  • KT-31466 SOE in Java highlighting when a Kotlin ultra-light method is invoked
  • KT-31723 Exception from UAST for attempt to infer types inside unresolved call
  • KT-31842 UOE: no descriptor for type constructor of TypeVariable(T)
  • KT-31992 Fix ColorsIcon.scale(float) compatibility issue between IU-192.5118.30 and 1.3.40-eap-105

IDE. Completion

  • KT-29038 Autocomplete "suspend" into "suspend fun" at top level and class level (except in kts top level)
  • KT-29398 Add "arg" postfix template
  • KT-30511 Replace extra space after autocompleting data class with file name by parentheses

IDE. Debugger

  • KT-10636 Debugger: can't evaluate call of function type parameter inside inline function
  • KT-18247 Debugger: class level watches fail to evaluate outside of class instance context
  • KT-18263 Settings / Debugger / Java Type Renderers: unqualified Kotlin class members in Java expressions are shown as errors
  • KT-23586 Non-trivial properties autocompletion in evaluation window
  • KT-30216 Evaluate expression: declarations annotated with Experimental (LEVEL.ERROR) fail due to compilation error
  • KT-30610 Debugger: Variables view shows second this instance for inline function even from the same class as caller function
  • KT-30714 Breakpoints are shown as invalid for classes that are not loaded yet
  • KT-30934 "InvocationException: Exception occurred in target VM" on debugger breakpoint hit (with kotlintest)
  • KT-31266 Kotlin debugger incompatibility with latest 192 nightly: KotlinClassWithDelegatedPropertyRenderer
  • KT-31785 Exception on attempt to evaluate local function

IDE. Gradle

  • KT-29854 File collection dependency does not work with NMPP+JPS
  • KT-30531 Gradle: NodeJS downloading
  • KT-30767 Kotlin import uses too much memory when working with big projects
  • KT-29564 causes idea to create kotlin modules with target JVM 1.6
  • KT-31014 Gradle, JS: Webpack watch mode
  • KT-31843 Memory leak caused by KOTLIN_TARGET_DATA_NODE on project reimport
  • KT-31952 Fix compatibility issues with IDEA after fixing IDEA-187832

IDE. Gradle. Script

  • KT-30638 "Highlighting in scripts is not available until all Script Dependencies are loaded" in Diff viewer
  • KT-31124 “compileKotlin - configuration not found: kotlinScriptDef, the plugin is probably applied by a mistake” after creating new project with IJ and Kotlin from master
  • KT-30974 Script dependencies resolution failed error while trying to use Kotlin for Gradle

IDE. Hints

  • KT-30057 "View->Type info" shows "Type is unknown" for named argument syntax

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-11629 Inspection: creating Throwable without throwing it
  • KT-12392 Unused import with alias should be highlighted and removed with Optimize Imports
  • KT-12721 inspection should be made for converting Integer.toString(int) to int.toString()
  • KT-13962 Intention to replace Java collection constructor calls with function calls from stdlib (ArrayList() → arrayListOf())
  • KT-15537 Add inspection + intention to replace IntRange.start/endInclusive with first/last
  • KT-21195 ReplaceWith intention could save generic type arguments
  • KT-25262 Intention: Rename class to containing file name
  • KT-25439 Inspection "Map replaceable with EnumMap"
  • KT-26269 Inspection to replace associate with associateWith or associateBy
  • KT-26629 Inspection to replace == operator on Double.NaN with equals call
  • KT-27411 Inspection and Quickfix to replace System.exit() with exitProcess()
  • KT-29344 Convert property initializer to getter: suggest on property name
  • KT-29666 Quickfix for "DEPRECATED_JAVA_ANNOTATION": migrate arguments
  • KT-29798 Add 'Covariant equals' inspection
  • KT-29799 Inspection: class with non-null self-reference as a parameter in its primary constructor
  • KT-30078 Add "Add getter/setter" quick fix for uninitialized property
  • KT-30381 Inspection + quickfix to replace non-null assertion with return
  • KT-30389 Fix to convert argument to Int: suggest roundToInt()
  • KT-30501 Add inspection to replace filter { it is Foo } with filterIsInstance and filter { it != null } with filterNotNull
  • KT-30612 Unused symbol inspection should detect enum entry
  • KT-30663 Fully qualified name is added on quick fix for original class name if import alias exists
  • KT-30725 Inspection which replaces .sorted().first() with .min()


  • KT-5412 "Replace non-null assertion with if expression" should replace parent expression
  • KT-13549 "Package directive doesn't match file location" for root package
  • KT-14040 Secondary enum class constructor is marked as "unused" by IDE
  • KT-18459 Spring: "Autowiring for Bean Class (Kotlin)" inspection adds not working @Named annotation to property
  • KT-21526 used class is marked as "never used"
  • KT-22896 "Change function signature" quickfix on "x overrides nothing" doesn't rename type arguments
  • KT-27089 ReplaceWith quickfix doesn't take into account generic parameter
  • KT-27821 SimplifiableCallChain inspection quick fix removes comments for intermediate operations
  • KT-28485 Incorrect parameter name after running "Add parameter to function" intention when argument variable is upper case const
  • KT-28619 "Add braces to 'if' statement" moves end-of-line comment inside an if branch if statement inside if is block
  • KT-29556 "Remove redundant 'let' call" doesn't rename parameter with convention invoke call
  • KT-29677 "Specify type explicitly" intention produces invalid output for type escaped with backticks
  • KT-29764 "Convert property to function" intention doesn't warn about the property overloads at child class constructor
  • KT-29812 False positive for HasPlatformType with member extension on 'dynamic'
  • KT-29869 'WhenWithOnlyElse': possibly useless inspection with false grey warning highlighting during editing the code
  • KT-30038 'Remove redundant Unit" false positive when return type is nullable Unit
  • KT-30082 False positive "redundant .let call" for lambda functions stored in nullable references
  • KT-30173 "Nested lambda has shadowed implicit parameter" is suggested when both parameters are logically the same
  • KT-30208 Convert to anonymous object: lambda generic type argument is lost
  • KT-30215 No "surround with null" check is suggested for an assignment
  • KT-30228 'Convert to also/apply/run/with' intention behaves differently depending on the position of infix function call
  • KT-30457 MoveVariableDeclarationIntoWhen: do not report gray warning on variable declarations taking multiple lines / containing preemptive returns
  • KT-30481 Do not report ImplicitNullableNothingType on a function/property that overrides a function/property of type 'Nothing?'
  • KT-30527 False positive "Type alias is never used" with import of enum member
  • KT-30559 Redundant Getter, Redundant Setter: reduce range to getter/setter header
  • KT-30565 False positive "Suspicious 'var' property" inspection with annotated default property getter
  • KT-30579 Kotlin-gradle groovy inspections should depend on Groovy plugin
  • KT-30613 "Convert to anonymous function" should not insert named argument when interoping with Java functions
  • KT-30614 String templates suggest removing curly braces for backtick escaped identifiers
  • KT-30622 Add names to call arguments starting from given argument
  • KT-30637 False positive "unused constructor" for local class
  • KT-30669 Import quick fix does not work for property/function with original name if import alias for them exist
  • KT-30761 Replace assert boolean with assert equality produces uncompilable code when compared arguments type are different
  • KT-30769 Override quickfix creates "sealed fun"
  • KT-30833 Exception after "Introduce Import Alias" if invoke in import
  • KT-30876 SimplifyNotNullAssert inspection changes semantics
  • KT-30900 Invert 'if' condition respects neither code formatting nor inline comments
  • KT-30910 "Use property access syntax" is not suitable as text for inspection problem text
  • KT-30916 Quickfix "Remove redundant qualifier name" can't work with user type with generic parameter
  • KT-31103 Don't invoke Gradle related inspections when Gradle plugin is disabled
  • KT-31349 Add name to argument should not be suggested for Java library classes
  • KT-31404 Redundant 'requireNotNull' or 'checkNotNull' inspection: don't remove first argument
  • KT-25465 "Redundant 'suspend' modifier" with suspend operator invoke
  • KT-26337 Exception (resource not found) in quick-fix tests in AS32
  • KT-30879 False positive "Redundant qualifier name"
  • KT-31415 UI hangs due to long computations for "Use property access syntax" intention with new inference
  • KT-31441 False positive "Remove explicit type arguments" inspection for projection type
  • KT-30970 No warning for empty if operator and alsomethod
  • KT-31855 IDE + new inference: Java SAM conversion is not suggested by IDE services


  • KT-31895 New Project wizard: Kotlin Gradle + Kotlin/JS for Node.js: incorrect DSL is inserted

IDE. Libraries

  • KT-30790 Unstable IDE navigation behavior to expect/actual symbols in stdlib
  • KT-30821 K/N: Navigation downwards the hierarchy in stdlib source code opens to stubs

IDE. Misc

  • KT-31364 IntelliJ routinely hangs and spikes CPU / Memory usage when editing kotlin files

IDE. Navigation

  • KT-18322 Find Usages not finding Java usage of @JvmField declared in primary constructor
  • KT-27332 Gutter icons are still shown even if disabled

IDE. Refactorings

  • KT-30471 Make KotlinElementActionsFactory.createChangeParametersActions able to just add parameters

IDE. Run Configurations

  • KT-29352 Kotlin + Java 11 + Windows : impossible to run applications with long command lines, even with dynamic.classpath=true

IDE. Scratch

  • KT-29642 Once hidden, Scratch Output window wouldn't show the results unless the project is reopened

IDE. Script

  • KT-30295 Resolver for 'completion/highlighting in ScriptDependenciesSourceInfo...' does not know how to resolve [] or [Library(null)]
  • KT-30690 Highlighting for scripts in diff view doesn't work for left part
  • KT-31452 IDE editor: MISSING_SCRIPT_STANDARD_TEMPLATE is reported inconsistently with the single line in script

IDE. Tests Support

  • KT-30995 Gradle test runner: "No tasks available" for a test class in non-MPP project

IDE. Ultimate

  • KT-30886 KotlinIdeaResolutionException in Velocity template (.ft) with Kotlin code

IDE. Wizards

  • KT-30645 Update New Project Wizard templates related to Kotlin/JS
  • KT-31099 Remove Gradle configuration boilerplate for JS from multiplatform New Project Wizard templates related to Kotlin/JS
  • KT-31695 Gradle, JS: update wizard templates

JS. Tools

  • KT-31563 Gradle/JS: npmResolve fails with "Invalid version" when user project's version does not match npm rules
  • KT-31566 Gradle/JS: with explicit call to nodejs { testTask { useNodeJs() } } configuration fails : "Could not find which method to invoke"
  • KT-31560 Gradle: provide descriptions for JS tasks
  • KT-31564 Gradle/JS: npmResolve reports warning "karma-webpack@3.0.5 has unmet peer dependency"
  • KT-31662 Gradle/JS: with empty useKarma {} lambda the execution of jsBrowserTest never stops
  • KT-31686 Gradle/JS: useKarma { useConfigDirectory() } fails to configure
  • KT-31694 Gradle, NPM, windows: creating symlink requires administrator privilege
  • KT-31931 Gradle JS or Native: test processing fails in some cases


  • KT-31007 Kotlin/JS 1.3.30 - private method in an interface in the external library causes ReferenceError


  • KT-30174 Annotation for experimental stdlib API
  • KT-30451 Redundant call of selector in maxBy&minBy
  • KT-30560 Fix Throwable::addSuppressed from stdlib to make it work without stdlib-jdk7 in runtime
  • KT-24810 Support common string<->ByteArray UTF-8 conversion
  • KT-29265 String.toCharArray() is not available in common stdlib
  • KT-31194 assertFails and assertFailsWith don't work with suspend functions
  • KT-31639 'Iterbale.drop' drops too much because of overflow
  • KT-28933 capitalize() with Locale argument in the JDK stdlib


  • KT-29041 KAnnotatedElement should have an extension function to verify if certain annotation is present
  • KT-30344 Avoid using .kotlin_module in kotlin-reflect

Tools. Android Extensions

  • KT-30993 Android Extensions: Make @Parcelize functionality non-experimental

Tools. CLI

  • KT-27638 Add -Xjava-sources compiler argument to specify directories with .java source files which can be referenced from the compiled Kotlin sources
  • KT-27778 Add -Xpackage-prefix compiler argument to specify package prefix for Java sources resolution
  • KT-30973 Compilation on IBM J9 (build 2.9, JRE 1.8.0 AIX ppc64-64-Bit) fails unless -Xuse-javac is specified

Tools. Compiler Plugins

  • KT-30343 Add new Quarkus preset to all-open compiler plugin

Tools. Gradle

New Features

  • KT-20156 Publish the Kotlin Javascript Gradle plugin to the Gradle Plugins Portal
  • KT-26256 In new MPP, support Java compilation in JVM targets
  • KT-27273 Support the Gradle 'application' plugin in new MPP or provide an alternative
  • KT-30528 Gradle, JS tests: support basic builtin test runner
  • KT-31015 Gradle, JS: Change default for new kotlin-js and experimental kotlin-multiplatform plugins
  • KT-30573 Gradle, JS: enable source maps by default, change paths relative to node_modules directory
  • KT-30747 Gradle, JS tests: provide option to disable test configuration per target
  • KT-31010 Gradle, JS tests: Mocha
  • KT-31011 Gradle, JS tests: Karma
  • KT-31013 Gradle, JS: Webpack
  • KT-31016 Gradle: yarn downloading
  • KT-31017 Gradle, yarn: support workspaces


  • KT-13256 CompileJava tasks in Kotlin2Js Gradle plugin
  • KT-16355 Rename "compileKotlin2Js" Gradle task to "compileKotlinJs"
  • KT-26255 Using the jvmWithJava preset in new MPP leads to counter-intuitive source set names and directory structure
  • KT-27640 Do not use -Xbuild-file when invoking the Kotlin compiler in Gradle plugins
  • KT-29284 kotlin2js plugin applies java plugin
  • KT-30132 Could not initialize class on build by gradle
  • KT-30596 Kotlin Gradle Plugin: Forward stdout and stderr logger of out of process though gradle logger
  • KT-31106 Kotlin compilation fails with locked build script dependencies and Gradle 5
  • KT-28985 Java tests not executed in a module created with presets.jvmWithJava
  • KT-30340 kotlin("multiplatform") plugin is not working properly with Spring Boot
  • KT-30784 Deprecation warning "API 'variant.getPackageLibrary()' is obsolete and has been replaced with 'variant.getPackageLibraryProvider()'" for a multiplatform library with Android target
  • KT-31027 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method hashCode(Z)I in class Ljava/lang/Boolean; or its super classes (declaration of 'java.lang.Boolean' appears in /system/framework/core-libart.jar)
  • KT-31696 Gradle, NPM: select one version between tools and all of compile configurations
  • KT-31697 Gradle, NPM: report about clashes in packages_imported
  • KT-31891 Gradle: JS or Native tests execution: build --scan fails with ISE "Expected attachment of type ... but did not find it"
  • KT-31023 Update Gradle module metadata warning in MPP publishing

Tools. Incremental Compile

  • KT-31131 Regression: incremental compilation of multi-file part throws exception

Tools. J2K

  • KT-23023 J2K: Inspection to convert Arrays.copyOf(a, size) to a.copyOf(size)
  • KT-26550 J2K: Check context/applicability of conversion, don't suggest for libraries, jars, etc.
  • KT-29568 Disabled "Convert Java File to Kotlin File" action is shown in project view context menu for XML files

Tools. JPS

  • KT-13563 Kotlin jps-plugin should allow to instrument bytecode from Intellij IDEA.

Tools. REPL

  • KT-21443 Kotlin's JSR223 script engine does not work when used by a fat jar

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-30986 Missing dependencies when JSR-223 script engines are used from kotlin-script-util

Tools. kapt

  • KT-26203 kapt.use.worker.api=true throws a NullPointerException on Java 10/11
  • KT-30739 Kapt generated sources are not visible from the IDE when "Create separate module per source set" is disabled
  • KT-31064 Periodically build crash when using incremental kapt
  • KT-23880 Kapt: Support incremental annotation processors
  • KT-31322 Kapt does not run annotation processing when sources change.
  • KT-30979 Issue with Dagger2 providers MissingBinding with 1.3.30
  • KT-31127 Kotlin-generating processor which uses Filer API breaks JavaCompile task
  • KT-31714 incremental kapt: FileSystemException: Too many open files

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from the previous releases.

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