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  • KT-31981 New type inference asks to use ?. on non-null local variable
  • KT-32029 Exception when callable reference is resolved against unresolved type
  • KT-32037 No coercion to Unit for last expression with lambda in code block
  • KT-32038 Unsubstituted stub type cause type mismatch later for builder inference
  • KT-32051 NEW_INFERENCE_NO_INFORMATION_FOR_PARAMETER on matching Nothing with generic type parameter
  • KT-32081 New type inference fails involving Either and Nothing
  • KT-32089 False positive IMPLICIT_NOTHING_AS_TYPE_PARAMETER with lambdas
  • KT-32094 NI: member from star import has higher resolution priority than member imported by FQN
  • KT-32116 Type inference for HashMap<,> fails but compiles
  • KT-32123 Wrong unused import for extension method
  • KT-32133 Regression in Kotlin 1.3.40 new inference engine
  • KT-32134 java.lang.Throwable: Resolution error of this type shouldn't occur for resolve try as a call for incomplete try-construction
  • KT-32143 1.3.40 new inference: backward incompatibility in method calls with multiple SAM arguments
  • KT-32154 setOf(Map.Entry<*, *>::key) gives error on IDE
  • KT-32157 Issue with new type inference in unbounded generics
  • KT-32175 New Type Inference Algorithm, RxJava and IDE-Compiler Inconsistency
  • KT-32184 NI: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'type' of org/jetbrains/kotlin/types/CommonSupertypes.depth must not be null
  • KT-32187 Exception when using callable reference with an unresolved LHS
  • KT-32218 Cannot call get on a Map<out Any,Any> with new type system
  • KT-32230 New inference not working with RxJava combineLatest
  • KT-32235 New type inference failure with in check


  • KT-32215 Reified generic doesn't work with ByteArray on js

Tools. CLI

  • KT-32272 kotlinc - no main manifest attribute, in hello.jar

Tools. REPL

  • KT-32085 Kotlinc REPL: "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jline/reader/LineReaderBuilder"

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-32169 Kotlin 1.3.40 - Crash on running *.main.kts script: "NoSuchMethodError: kotlin.script.templates.standard.ScriptTemplateWithArgs."
  • KT-32206 Custom script definitions not loaded in the cli compiler

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from the previous releases.

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