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@Movshin Movshin released this Aug 22, 2019 · 4 commits to 1.3.50 since this release


The release contains the JVM version of Kotlin compiler and also one native system dependent version for every major platform (Linux, macOS, and Windows).




  • KT-12787 Debugger: Generate line number at end of function (to set a breakpoint on the last line of the block)
  • KT-23675 "Parameter specified as non-null is null: method org.jetbrains.kotlin.codegen.FrameMapBase.getIndex, parameter descriptor" when classes are defined inside an anonymous extension function and access a field of the extension function's this instance
  • KT-24596 Refactor / Inline const property does not insert its value into usage in annotation
  • KT-25497 kotlinx.serialization - throws Backend Internal error exception during code generation of sealed classes
  • KT-28927 "IllegalStateException: Arrays of class literals are not supported yet" in AnnotationDeserializer.resolveArrayElementType
  • KT-31070 IndexOutOfBoundsException in Analyzer with @JvmOverloads constructor with 34+ parameters
  • KT-31265 FIR: experimental compiler
  • KT-31535 False positives from compiler warning IMPLICIT_NOTHING_AS_TYPE_PARAMETER
  • KT-31969 NI: false positive USELESS_ELVIS with multiple elvis calls
  • KT-32044 For loop over full UByte range terminates at UInt bound.
  • KT-25432 No smartcast on qualifier expression of captured type
  • KT-30796 psi2ir generates IrErrorType for elvis with generic type having nullable upper-bound when expected type is not nullable
  • KT-31242 "Can't find enclosing method" proguard compilation exception with inline and crossinline
  • KT-31347 "IndexOutOfBoundsException: Insufficient maximum stack size" with crossinline and suspend
  • KT-31367 IllegalStateException: Concrete fake override public open fun (...) defined in TheIssue[PropertyGetterDescriptorImpl@1a03c376] should have exactly one concrete super-declaration: []
  • KT-31734 Empty parameter list required on Annotations of function types
  • KT-32434 New type inference fails for Caffeine Cache
  • KT-32452 Kotlin 1.3.40 - problem in IDE with new type inference and suspending method reference
  • KT-32407 NI: "use property access syntax" intention causes freezes in editor
  • KT-33127 Script result value is not calculated properly for the last expression
  • KT-33157 Inline class with generic method is considered bad class by javac

Docs & Examples

  • KT-16602 Provide examples of sorting API usage
  • KT-32353 Document order of array elements initialization


New Features

  • KT-28098 Insert space after automatically closed right brace of nested lambda to follow code style


  • KT-16476 Extend selection (Select Word) doesn't select just KDoc if cursor is just before the KDoc
  • KT-21374 Imports optimized tooltip is displayed, even if no changes were made
  • KT-21422 IDE can't import class from root package
  • KT-27344 MPP: jvmWithJava: no IDE module dependency is created between Kotlin test and Java main on import; Gradle build is successful
  • KT-29667 Kotlin update settings has wrong looking text boxes for versions
  • KT-30133 Update copyright creates duplicates for build.gradle.kts files
  • KT-30782 'Show Method Separators' does not separate expression body Kotlin functions
  • KT-31022 Quick definition does not show Kotlin code in Java files
  • KT-31499 "Extend selection" selects escaped identifier name together with backticks
  • KT-31595 "Complete current statement" for method call closes brace at wrong place
  • KT-31637 NPE in IDE when organizing imports
  • KT-31786 KNPE at copy attempt due to kdoc reference
  • KT-32276 Fix flaky test for ultra light classes
  • KT-32364 Remove deprecated usages of OUT_OF_CODE_BLOCK_MODIFICATION_COUNT and write a replacement for Kotlin language
  • KT-32370 Lambdas should have implicit return in Kotlin Uast
  • KT-12096 Spring: rename of Kotlin bean defined in @Bean annotation fails
  • KT-28193 Exception: Mirror element should never be calculated for light classes generated from a single file
  • KT-28822 Dependencies in Kotlin MPP project could be wrongly resolved if project was not build before import
  • KT-29267 Enable ultra-light classes by default
  • KT-31129 Call only Kotlin-specific reference contributors for getting Kotlin references from PSI
  • KT-32082 Kotlin facet: 1.3.40 plugin does not properly read target platform settings of 1.3.50 plugin
  • KT-32969 Data class extending abstract class with final toString, equals or hashCode causes exception
  • KT-33245 IllegalArgumentException exception occurs on Tools->Configure Koltin in Project action in Android Studio

IDE. Completion

  • KT-9792 Don't propose the same name for arguments of lambda on completion of function call with lambda template
  • KT-29572 Smart completing anonymous object uses incorrect code style
  • KT-25264 Freeze in Kotlin file on completion
  • KT-32519 Keyword completion: support fixing layout and typo tolerance

IDE. Debugger

New Features

  • KT-30740 Display more information about variables when breakpoint is set inside lambda expression


  • KT-8579 Debugger: Evaluate expression fails at typed arrays
  • KT-10183 Debugger: receiver properties are not shown inline in extension function
  • KT-11663 Assignment is not possible in Evaluate expression
  • KT-11706 Attempts to evaluate java method calls on 'Array' instance in debugger fail with NoSuchMethodError
  • KT-11888 Evaluate Expression for expression with synchronized
  • KT-11938 Empty condition is marked as error
  • KT-13188 Cannot evaluate expression with local extension function
  • KT-14421 Debugger: breakpoint set on trivial if/while is not hit
  • KT-15259 Debug: closing brace of object definition is considered executable; ISE: "Don't call this method for local declarations: OBJECT_DECLARATION" at LazyDeclarationResolver.getMemberScopeDeclaredIn()
  • KT-19084 Breakpoints on Debugger altering Result
  • KT-19556 Kotlin exception while debugging IJ plugin code
  • KT-19980 Debug: evaluation fails for setter of member extention property
  • KT-20560 Evaluate expression doesn't work for super method call
  • KT-23526 In *.kts scripts, debugger ignores breakpoints in top-level statements and members
  • KT-24914 AS: Uninitialized yet lazy properties called on first debug point reach
  • KT-26742 Debugger can't evaluate expected top-level function from common code
  • KT-30120 False positive "Unused equals expression" in evaluate expression window
  • KT-30730 Missing tooltip for "Kotlin variables view" button
  • KT-30919 Debugger's "Kotlin View" doesn't show variables inside lambdas
  • KT-30976 Debugger: No access to receiver evaluating named parameters during call to extension function
  • KT-31418 java.lang.ClassCastException : java.lang.annotation.Annotation[] cannot be cast to byte[]
  • KT-31510 isDumb should be used only under read action: KotlinEvaluator
  • KT-31702 Debugger can't stop on breakpoint on Unit expression from coroutine context
  • KT-31709 Evaluate: "IllegalArgumentException: Parameter specified as non-null is null: method org.jetbrains.kotlin.codegen.FrameMapBase.getIndex, parameter descriptor" with nested lambda member access
  • KT-24829 Access to coroutineContext in 'Evaluate expression'

IDE. Gradle

  • KT-19693 Import package prefix from Gradle
  • KT-30667 Dependencies of a module on a multiplatform one with a JVM target and withJava() configured, are incorrectly resolved in IDE
  • KT-32300 Add possibility to distinguish kotlin source root from java source root
  • KT-31014 Gradle, JS: Webpack watch mode
  • KT-31843 Memory leak caused by KOTLIN_TARGET_DATA_NODE on project reimport

IDE. Gradle. Script

  • KT-31779 "Highlighting in scripts is not available"
  • KT-30638 "Highlighting in scripts is not available until all Script Dependencies are loaded" in Diff viewer
  • KT-30974 Script dependencies resolution failed error while trying to use Kotlin for Gradle
  • KT-31440 Add link to Gradle Kotlin DSL logs when script dependencies resolution process fails
  • KT-32483 CNFE org.gradle.kotlin.dsl.KotlinBuildScript on creating new Gradle Kotlin project from wizard
  • KT-21501 build.gradle.kts displays failures if not using java sdk for module

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-8958 ReplaceWith intention message could be more helpful in case of generic substitution
  • KT-12515 Quickfix "by Delegates.notNull()" as replacement for "lateinit" for primitive type
  • KT-14344 Suggest to replace manual range with explicit indices call or iteration over collection
  • KT-17916 Import popup does not indicate deprecated classes
  • KT-23501 Add intention for converting ordinary properties to 'lazy' and vise versa
  • KT-25006 Add inspection "'equals()' between objects of inconvertible primitive / enum / string types"
  • KT-27353 Quickfix to add a constructor parameter from parent class to child class
  • KT-30124 Add inspection to replace java.util.Arrays.equals with contentEquals
  • KT-30640 Add inspection for check/require/checkNotNull/requireNotNull
  • KT-30775 Inspection for the case when one lateinit var overrides another lateinit var
  • KT-31476 Improve "Create expect..." quickfix
  • KT-31533 Make "Add operator modifier" an inspection instead of intention
  • KT-31795 Inspection: simplify property setter with custom visibility
  • KT-31924 Make "add import" intention more flexible based on caret position
  • KT-30970 No warning for empty if operator and alsomethod


  • KT-12567 "Introduce 'when' subject" intention does not work for "this" in extension function
  • KT-14369 "Replace elvis expression with 'if" intention produces boilerplate code for 'return' in RHS
  • KT-16067 "Replace 'if' expression with elvis expression" suggests replacing an idiomatic code with non-idiomatic
  • KT-19643 Tune or disable the FoldInitializerAndIfToElvis inspection
  • KT-24439 No method imports suggested
  • KT-25786 False positive "Not-null extension receiver of inline function can be made nullable" with operator fun invoke
  • KT-25905 False positive for 'LeakingThis' on a method call in enum class body
  • KT-27074 False positive "Foldable if-then" with Result type
  • KT-27550 "Redundant explicit this" false positive with subclass and extension lambda
  • KT-27563 Generate toString in common code shouldn't use java.util.Arrays
  • KT-27822 Don't suggest might be const on actual member declaration
  • KT-28595 "Assignment should be lifted out of 'if'" false negative for different but compatible derived types
  • KT-29192 "Convert property to function" with explicit generic type loses getter body
  • KT-29716 With both explicit and implicit package prefixes "Package name does not match containing directory" inspection suggests not usable quick fix
  • KT-29731 Don't suggest Add val/var to parameter at expect class constructor
  • KT-30191 "Lift out of if" intention isn't suggested for assignment of null
  • KT-30197 ReplaceWith for deprecated function adds class literal/callable reference argument above unless it is used in substitution
  • KT-30627 "Use property access syntax" produces red code if setter argument is a lambda with implicit SAM conversion
  • KT-30804 Property declaration goes to annotation comment when removing only modifier using RemoveModifierFix
  • KT-30975 ''when' has only 'else' branch and should be simplified' inspection removes subject variable definition used in else branch
  • KT-31033 "Create expect ..." quick fix incorrectly works for a secondary constructor in a multiplatform project
  • KT-31272 Expand "create expected ..." quick fix highlighting also to a primary constructor
  • KT-31278 Inappropriate "Remove redundant .let call" inspection
  • KT-31341 Incorrect quickfix "Replace with Kotlin analog" for conversion to an extension, where the first argument is an expression with an operation
  • KT-31359 "Invalid property key" inspection false positive for a bundle with several properties files
  • KT-31362 'Move variable declaration into when' quickfix comments left brace with EOL comment
  • KT-31443 Remove braces intention places caret in a wrong place
  • KT-31446 Incorrect quick fix “Create expected class" for inline class with parameter with actual
  • KT-31518 Incorrect "Create expect function" for primary constructor
  • KT-31673 Only when keyword should be highlighted in WhenWithOnlyElseInspection
  • KT-31716 Decrease severity of PackageDirectoryMismatchInspection to INFO
  • KT-31717 Decrease severity of RemoveCurlyBracesFromTemplateInspection
  • KT-31816 "Package directive doesn't match file location" for root package is invisible in editor
  • KT-31954 MoveVariableDeclarationIntoWhen should move the caret to the subject expression
  • KT-32001 Wrong quickfixes for TOO_MANY_ARGUMENTS
  • KT-32010 Convert ReplaceSingleLineLetIntention to inspections
  • KT-32046 False negative "Redundant qualifier name" with class literal
  • KT-32112 False positive "Redundant qualifier name"
  • KT-32318 "Remove argument name" intention does not remove square braces for annotation vararg argument
  • KT-32320 False negative "Redundant qualifier name" with local object
  • KT-32347 Duplicative "Remove redundant 'public' modifier" suggestion for getter
  • KT-32365 "Convert to sealed class" intention should not be suggested when no "class" keyword
  • KT-32419 Spurious 'while' has empty body warning when body has explanatory comment
  • KT-32506 False negative "Remove redundant qualifier name" with java.util.ArrayList<Int>()
  • KT-32454 "Replace Java static method with Kotlin analog": invalid quick fix on 'abs()' function
  • KT-26242 "Create test" intention does nothing in common module
  • KT-27208 IDEA reports about the need to declare abstract or implement abstract method, but this method is @JvmStatic in an interface companion
  • KT-27555 Create actual ... quick fix does nothing if the corresponding source set directory isn't created yet
  • KT-28121 IDE: Warn on java files under "src/main/kotlin" or "src/test/kotlin" source roots
  • KT-28295 Use languageSettings for a quick fix to enable experimental features in multiplatform projects
  • KT-28529 Don't suggest commonMain source set as a target of create expected ... quick fix for a member of *Test source set
  • KT-28746 “Create actual class” quick fix creates invalid file when is called from files located in package directory but don't have package name
  • KT-30622 Add names to call arguments starting from given argument
  • KT-31404 Redundant 'requireNotNull' or 'checkNotNull' inspection: don't remove first argument
  • KT-32705 "Create expect" quick fix adds actual modifier to a const/lateinit declaration without a warning
  • KT-32967 Warning about incorrectly placed Java source file isn't automatically dismissed on move of the file to the proper source root


  • KT-31895 New Project wizard: Kotlin Gradle + Kotlin/JS for Node.js: incorrect DSL is inserted


  • KT-30985 Missing line break in quick doc for enum constant

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-29757 IDE fails to import transitive dependency of a JVM module to a multiplatform one

IDE. Navigation

  • KT-10215 Kotlin classes are listed after Java classes in the navigation bar

IDE. Refactorings

  • KT-29720 Refactor / Move does not update package statement with implicit prefix
  • KT-30762 Inline method produces invalid code for suspend functions with receiver
  • KT-30748 100+ Seconds UI Freeze on performing a Move Refactoring on a file with a lot of usages (KotlinOptimizeImports in thread dump)

IDE. Scratch

  • KT-23604 Scratch: end of line is wrongly indented with the end of scratch line output
  • KT-27963 Make REPL mode in Scratch files incremental
  • KT-29534 Line output jumps to the next line together with cursor
  • KT-32791 "Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only" while working with a scratch file

IDE. Script

  • KT-25187 Kotlin script in src: warning: classpath entry points to a non-existent location on JDK 9+
  • KT-31152 Errors in IDE when different Java Sdk are set as Project SDK and as Gradle JVM
  • KT-31521 CNFE „org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.caches.project.ScriptBinariesScopeCache“ on creating new Gradle based project
  • KT-31826 Gradle clean task causes IDEA to lose kotlin scripting configuration
  • KT-31837 TargetPlatform for scripts should depends on scriptDefinition.additionalArguments
  • KT-30690 Highlighting for scripts in diff view doesn't work for left part
  • KT-32061 Check classpath jars before applying script compilation result from file attributes
  • KT-32554 Freezes in ScriptDependenciesUpdater

IDE. Tests Support

  • KT-30814 MPP, 191 platform: with Gradle test runner run configuration for platform test is created without tasks

IDE. Wizards

  • KT-32105 MPP project wizard: add option for Kotlin Gradle DSL

JS. Tools

  • KT-31527 Keep generating empty jsTest task
  • KT-31565 Gradle/JS: npmResolve is never UP-TO-DATE
  • KT-32326 Gradle, test runner: support postponing test running error reporting at the end of the build
  • KT-32393 Gradle, JS: Resolve projects lazily
  • KT-31560 Gradle: provide descriptions for JS tasks
  • KT-31563 Gradle/JS: npmResolve fails with "Invalid version" when user project's version does not match npm rules
  • KT-31566 Gradle/JS: with explicit call to nodejs { testTask { useNodeJs() } } configuration fails : "Could not find which method to invoke"
  • KT-31694 Gradle, NPM, windows: creating symlink requires administrator privilege


  • KT-29372 measureTime that returns both the result of block and elapsed time
  • KT-32083 Incorrect ReplaceWith annotation on kotlin.js.pow
  • KT-12749 Provide Int.bitCount, Long.bitCount etc.
  • KT-32359 Common Array.fill
  • KT-33225 JS: Incorrect conversion of infinite Double to Long


  • KT-22923 Reflection getMemberProperties fails: kotlin.reflect.jvm.internal.KotlinReflectionInternalError
  • KT-31318 "KotlinReflectionInternalError: Method is not supported" on accessing array class annotation parameter

Tools. Daemon

  • KT-31550 NSME on compileKotlin task with plugin from master
  • KT-32490 Compiler daemon tests fail on windows due to directory name being too long
  • KT-32950 Daemon should inherit "-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize" of client VM
  • KT-32992 Enable assertions in Kotlin Compile Daemon
  • KT-33027 Compilation with daemon fails, because IncrementalModuleInfo#serialVersionUID does not match

Tools. CLI

  • KT-33177 Introduce compiler flags -Xinline-classes and -Xpolymorphic-signature as a higher priority than -XXLanguage

Tools. Compiler Plugins

  • KT-28824 Add jvm-abi-gen-embeddable for use with embeddable compiler
  • KT-31279 JPS build with compiler plugin and "Keep compiler alive = No" fails with CCE: "Cannot cast NoArgComponentRegistrar to ComponentRegistrar" at ServiceLoaderLite.loadImplementations()
  • KT-32346 kotlinx.serialization: Performance problems with completion/intellisense

Tools. Gradle

New Features

  • KT-26655 Precise metadata publishing and consumption for new MPP
  • KT-31018 Gradle, JS: yarn
  • KT-31703 Gradle, JS: automatically download d.ts and generate kotlin/js external declarations using dukat
  • KT-31890 Gradle, JS, webpack: provide property with full bundle file path
  • KT-32015 Gradle, JS: resolve configuration only while executing tasks of specific projects
  • KT-32136 Gradle, test runner: handle case when test runtime exits abnormally
  • KT-26256 In new MPP, support Java compilation in JVM targets
  • KT-30573 Gradle, JS: enable source maps by default, change paths relative to node_modules directory
  • KT-30747 Gradle, JS tests: provide option to disable test configuration per target
  • KT-31010 Gradle, JS tests: Mocha
  • KT-31011 Gradle, JS tests: Karma
  • KT-31013 Gradle, JS: Webpack
  • KT-31016 Gradle: yarn downloading
  • KT-31017 Gradle, yarn: support workspaces
  • KT-31697 Gradle, NPM: report about clashes in packages_imported

Performance Improvements

  • KT-29538 AndroidSubPlugin#getCommonResDirectories is very slow


  • KT-29343 Kotlin MPP source set dependencies are not properly propagated to tests in Android projects
  • KT-30691 Gradle, JS tests: Parent operation with id 947 not available when all tests passed
  • KT-31917 Gradle, JS: transitive dependency between compilations in same project doesn't work
  • KT-31985 Gradle, JS: webpack not working on windows
  • KT-32072 Gradle, JS: browser() in DSL triggers project.evaluate()
  • KT-32204 In an MPP, a dependency that is added to a non-root source set is incorrectly analyzed for source sets visibility
  • KT-32225 In an MPP, if a dependency is added to a source set that does not take part in published compilations, it is not correctly analyzed in source set visibility inference
  • KT-32564 Provide a flag to enable/disable hierarchical multiplatform mechanism in Gradle
  • KT-31023 Update Gradle module metadata warning in MPP publishing
  • KT-31696 Gradle, NPM: select one version between tools and all of compile configurations
  • KT-31891 Gradle: JS or Native tests execution: build --scan fails with ISE "Expected attachment of type ... but did not find it"
  • KT-32210 Kapt randomly fails with
  • KT-32706 Gradle target "jsBrowserWebpack" should use output of JS compile task as input
  • KT-32697 [Tests] org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.SubpluginsIT
  • KT-33246 Kotlin JS & Native tests + Gradle 5.6: No value has been specified for property 'binaryResultsDirectory'

Tools. Incremental Compile

  • KT-31310 Incremental build of Kotlin/JS project fails with KNPE at IncrementalJsCache.nonDirtyPackageParts()

Tools. J2K

New Features

  • KT-30776 New J2K
  • KT-31836 Suggest user to configure Kotlin in the project when running new J2K file conversion
  • KT-32512 ReplaceJavaStaticMethodWithKotlinAnalogInspection: add more cases for java.util.Arrays


  • KT-15791 J2K converts class literals including redundant generic <*>
  • KT-31234 New J2K: Exception occurs on converting Java class to Kotlin
  • KT-31250 J2K: caret position of original file is preserved, adding spaces to resulting file
  • KT-31251 J2K: Java class with members is converted to Kotlin class with final constructor
  • KT-31252 J2K: resulted file is not formatted
  • KT-31254 J2K: resulted source uses full qualified references instead of imports
  • KT-31255 J2K: redundant modifiers in resulted source
  • KT-31726 New J2K converts annotation with array parameter to single value parameter
  • KT-31809 "Attempt to modify PSI for non-committed Document!" exception and broken kotlin file after new J2K conversion
  • KT-31821 J2K: IDEA Ultimate: local variable: CCE: "PsiLocalVariableImpl cannot be cast to class JvmAnnotatedElement" at JavaToJKTreeBuilder$DeclarationMapper.toJK()
  • KT-32436 NewJ2K generic field is not initialized after convertion
  • KT-19327 Java to Kotlin converter fails to convert code using Java 8 Stream API
  • KT-21467 Convert To Kotlin fails when using chained stream.flatmap methods
  • KT-24677 j2k creates nullable type for child function but keeps not null type for parent function
  • KT-32572 New J2K: Map with complex type as parameter is wrongly converted
  • KT-32602 J2K: no conversion of String.length() method call to property access of existing String property
  • KT-32604 kotlin.NotImplementedError exception occurs on converting Java call of toString method of data class to Kotlin
  • KT-32609 New J2K: Comparable class is wrongly converted to Kotlin if parameter of compareTo marked with @NotNull annotation
  • KT-32693 New J2K is throwing „Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only“ on converting Java code inside Evaluate Expression window
  • KT-32702 New J2K: lambda with method reference is converted to lamdba with excessive parameter declaration
  • KT-32835 New J2K: NumberFormatException occurs on converting binary literals
  • KT-32837 J2K: NumberFormatException occurs on converting literals with underscore characters
  • KT-22412 J2K: Intention to replace if(...) throw IAE with require
  • KT-33371 Add an ability to switch between old and new J2K via settings window
  • KT-32863 New J2K: IllegalArgumentException occurs on Kotlin configuration in java project in Android Studio

Tools. JPS

  • KT-27181 Compiler arguments are listed twice on JPS build of Gradle-based project
  • KT-13563 Kotlin jps-plugin should allow to instrument bytecode from Intellij IDEA.

Tools. REPL

  • KT-15125 Support JSR 223 bindings directly via script variables
  • KT-32085 Kotlinc REPL: "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jline/reader/LineReaderBuilder"

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-28137 Implement result/return value for the regular (non-REPL) scripts

Tools. kapt

  • KT-30578 build/generated/source/kaptKotlin is added as source directory to main instead of jvmMain when jvm { withJava() } is configured in a multiplatform project
  • KT-30739 Kapt generated sources are not visible from the IDE when "Create separate module per source set" is disabled
  • KT-31127 Kotlin-generating processor which uses Filer API breaks JavaCompile task
  • KT-31378 v1.3.31: NoSuchElementException in kapt when kapt.incremental.apt=true
  • KT-32535 Kapt aptMode=compile don't include files generated at kapt.kotlin.generated as sources to compile
  • KT-31471 KAPT prints "IncrementalProcessor" instead of processor name in verbose mode

Kotlin Native

Related Kotlin Native changelog can be found separately.

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from the previous releases.

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