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@Movshin Movshin released this Nov 18, 2019 · 21 commits to 1.3.60 since this release


The release contains the JVM version of Kotlin compiler and also one native system dependent version for every major platform (Linux, macOS, and Windows).




  • KT-27170 Android lint tasks fails in Gradle with MPP dependency


New Features

  • KT-31230 Refine rules for allowed Array-based class literals on different platforms: allow Array::class everywhere, disallow Array<...>::class on non-JVM
  • KT-33413 Allow 'break' and 'continue' in 'when' statement to point to innermost surrounding loop

Performance Improvements

  • KT-14513 Suboptimal compilation of lazy delegated properties with inline getValue
  • KT-28507 Extra InlineMarker.mark invocation in generated suspending function bytecode
  • KT-29229 Intrinsify 'in' operator for unsigned integer ranges


  • KT-7354 Confusing error message when trying to access package local java class
  • KT-9310 Don't make interface and DefaultImpls methods synchronized
  • KT-11430 Improve diagnostics for dangling lambdas
  • KT-16526 Provide better error explanation when one tries to delegate var to read-only delegate
  • KT-20258 Improve annotation rendering in diagnostic messages
  • KT-22275 Unify exceptions from null checks
  • KT-27503 Private functions uses from inside of suspendCoroutine go though accessor
  • KT-28938 Coroutines tail-call optimization does not work for generic returns that had instantiated to Unit
  • KT-29385 "AnalyzerException: Expected an object reference, but found I" for EXACTLY_ONCE non-inline contract with captured class constructor parameter
  • KT-29510 "RuntimeException: Trying to access skipped parameter" with EXACTLY_ONCE contract and nested call of crossinline lambda
  • KT-29614 java.lang.VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack - in inlining, crossinline in constructor with EXACTLY_ONCE contract
  • KT-30275 Get rid of session in FirElement
  • KT-30744 Invoking Interface Static Method from Extension method generates incorrect jvm bytecode
  • KT-30785 Equality comparison of inline classes results in boxing
  • KT-32217 FIR: support delegated properties resolve
  • KT-32433 NI: UninferredParameterTypeConstructor with class property
  • KT-32587 NI: Type mismatch "String" vs "String" in IDE on generic .invoke on generic delegated property
  • KT-32689 Shuffled line numbers in suspend functions with elvis operator
  • KT-32851 Constraint for callable reference argument doesn't take into account use-site variance
  • KT-32864 The line number of assertFailsWith in suspending function is lost
  • KT-33125 NI: "Rewrite at slice INDEXED_LVALUE_SET" with Mutable Map set index operator inside "@kotlin.BuilderInference" block
  • KT-33414 'java.lang.AssertionError: int type expected, but null was found in basic frames' in kotlin-io while building library train
  • KT-33421 Please make NOTHING_TO_INLINE warning shorter
  • KT-33504 EA-209823 - ISE: ProjectResolutionFacade$computeModuleResolverProvider$resolverForProject$$.invoke: Can't find builtIns by key CacheKeyBySdk
  • KT-33572 Scripting import with implicit receiver doesn't work
  • KT-33821 Compiler should not rely on the default locale when generating boxing for suspend functions
  • KT-18541 Prohibit "tailrec" modifier on open functions
  • KT-19844 Do not render type annotations on symbols rendered in diagnostic messages
  • KT-24913 KotlinFrontEndException with local class in init of generic class
  • KT-28940 Concurrency issue for lazy values with the post-computation phase
  • KT-31540 Change initialization order of default values for tail recursive optimized functions

Docs & Examples

  • KT-26212 Update docs to explicitly mention that union is opposite of intersect
  • KT-34086 Website, stdlib api docs: unresolved link jvm/stdlib/kotlin.text/-charsets/Charset



  • KT-8581 'Move Statement' doesn't work for statement finished by semicolon
  • KT-9204 Shorten references and some other IDE features have problem when package name clash with class name
  • KT-17993 Annotations are colored the same as language keywords
  • KT-21037 LazyLightClassMemberMatchingError$WrongMatch “Matched :BAR MemberIndex(index=0) to :BAR MemberIndex(index=1) in KtLightClassImpl” after duplicating values inside enum class
  • KT-23305 We should be able to see platform-specific errors in common module
  • KT-23461 Move statement up/down attaches a comment block to the function being moved
  • KT-26960 IDE doesn't report actual without expect placed into a custom platform-agnostic source set
  • KT-27243 LazyLightClassMemberMatchingError when overriding hidden member
  • KT-28404 Gradle configuration page is missing from a New Project Wizard creation flow for multiplatform templates
  • KT-30824 No highlighting of declaration/usage of function with functional-type (lambda) parameter on its usage
  • KT-31117 AssertionError at CompletionBindingContextProvider._getBindingContext when typing any character within string with injected Kotlin
  • KT-31139 "Override members" on enum inserts semicolon before enum body
  • KT-31810 Paste inside indented .trimIndent() raw string doesn't respect indentation
  • KT-32401 Exceptions while running IDEA in headless mode for building searchable options
  • KT-32543 UltraLight support for Kotlin collections.
  • KT-32544 Support UltraLight classes for local/anonymous/enum classes
  • KT-32799 2019.2 RC (192.5728.74) Kotlin plugin exception during build searchable options (Directory index may not be queried for default project)
  • KT-33008 IDEA does not report in MPP: Upper bound of a type parameter cannot be an array
  • KT-33316 Kotlin Facet: make sure the order of allPlatforms value is fixed
  • KT-33561 LazyLightClassMemberMatchingError when overloading synthetic member
  • KT-33584 Make kotlin light classes return no-arg constructor when no-arg (or jpa) compiler plugin is enabled
  • KT-33775 please remove usages of org.intellij.plugins.intelliLang.inject.InjectorUtils#putInjectedFileUserData(com.intellij.lang.injection.MultiHostRegistrar, com.intellij.openapi.util.Key, T) deprecated eons ago
  • KT-33813 Poor formatting of 'Selected target platforms' and 'Depends on' in facet settings
  • KT-33937 delay() completion from kotlinx.coroutines causes happening of root package in code
  • KT-33973 Kotlin objects could abuse idea plugin functionality
  • KT-34000 Import quickfix does not work for extension methods from objects
  • KT-34070 "No target platforms selected" message for commonTest facet at mobile shared library project
  • KT-34191 Since-build .. until-build compatibility ranges are the same for 192 and 193 IDE plugins
  • KT-21153 IDE: string template + annotation usage: ISE: "Couldn't get delegate" at LightClassDataHolderKt.findDelegate()
  • KT-33352 "KotlinExceptionWithAttachments: Couldn't get delegate for class" on nested class/object
  • KT-34042 "Error loading Kotlin facets. Kotlin facets are not allowed in Kotlin/Native Module" in 192 IDEA
  • KT-34237 MPP with Android target: common* source sets are not shown as source roots in IDE
  • KT-33626 Deadlock with Kotlin LockBasedStorageManager in IDEA commit dialog
  • KT-34402 Unresolved reference to Kotlin.test library in CommonTest in Multiplatform project without JVM target
  • KT-34639 Multiplatform project with the only (Android) target is incorrectly imported into IDE

IDE. Completion

  • KT-10340 Import completion unable to shorten fq-names when there is a conflict between package name and local identifier
  • KT-17689 Code completion for enum typealias doesn't show members
  • KT-28998 Slow completion for build.gradle.kts (Kotlin Gradle DSL script)
  • KT-30996 DSL extension methods which are not applicable are offered for completion
  • KT-31902 Fully qualified name is used for delay instead of import and just method name
  • KT-33903 Duplicating completion for imported extensions from companion objects

IDE. Debugger

  • KT-10984 Disallow placing line breakpoints without executable code (changed)
  • KT-22116 Support function breakpoints
  • KT-24408 @InlineOnly: Misleading status for breakpoints in inline functions
  • KT-27645 Debugger breakpoints do not work in suspend function executed in SpringBoot controller (MVC and WebFlux)
  • KT-32687 Disallow breakpoints for @InlineOnly function bodies
  • KT-32813 Exception on invoking "Smart Step Into"
  • KT-32830 NPE on changing class property in Evaluate Expression window
  • KT-33064 “Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only” from KotlinLineBreakpointType.createLineSourcePosition on adding new line before the current one while stopping on breakpoint
  • KT-11395 Breakpoint inside lambda argument of InlineOnly function doesn't work

IDE. Folding

  • KT-6314 Folding of "when" construction

IDE. Gradle

  • KT-33038 Package prefix is not imported in non-MPP project
  • KT-33987 Serialization exception during importing Kotlin project in IDEA 192
  • KT-32960 KotlinMPPGradleModelBuilder takes a long time to process when syncing non-MPP project with IDE
  • KT-34424 With Kotlin plugin in Gradle project without Native the IDE fails to start Gradle task: "Kotlin/Native properties file is absent at null/konan/"
  • KT-34256 Fail to use multiplatform modules with dependsOn with android plugin
  • KT-34663 Low performance of MPP 1.2 during import with module-per-source-set enabled

IDE. Gradle. Script

  • KT-31766 Gradle Kotlin DSL new project template: use type-safe model accessors
  • KT-34463 New Gradle-based project template misses pluginManagement{} block in EAP branch
  • KT-31767 Gradle Kotlin DSL new project template: use settings.gradle.kts

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-26431 Quickfix to remove redundant label
  • KT-28049 Suggest import quickfix for operator extension functions
  • KT-29622 "Move to separate file" intention should also work for sealed class
  • KT-33178 Use a new compiler flag -Xinline-classes during enabling the feature via IDEA intention
  • KT-33586 "Constructors are not allowed for objects" diagnostic needs quickfix to change object to class


  • KT-12291 Override/Implement Members: better member positioning inside the class
  • KT-14899 Quickfix "Create member function" inserts too many semicolons when applied to Enum
  • KT-15700 "Convert lambda to reference" does not work with backtick-escaped references
  • KT-18772 "Introduce subject to when": don't choose an object or a constant as the subject
  • KT-21172 Join declaration and assignment should place the result at the assignment, not at declaration
  • KT-25697 Replace with dot call quickfix breaks formatting
  • KT-26635 An empty line is added after actual modifier on "Create actual annotation class..." quick fix applied to annotation if it is annotated with comment
  • KT-27270 "Add jar to classpath" quick fix modifies build.gradle of MPP project in a way that fails to be imported
  • KT-28471 "Add initializer" quickfix initializes non-null variable with null
  • KT-28538 create expected ... quick fix illegally creates expect member with a usage of a platform-specific type
  • KT-28549 Create actual/expect quick fix for class/object doesn't add import for an inherited member
  • KT-28620 Create expect/actual ... quick fix could save @test annotation on generation
  • KT-28740 AE “2 declarations in var bar: [ERROR : No type, no body]” after applying “Create actual class” quick fix for class with property which has not specified type
  • KT-28947 Backing field has created after applying “Create expected class in common module...” intention
  • KT-30136 False negative "Redundant explicit 'this'" with local variable
  • KT-30794 Quickfix for unchecked cast produces invalid code
  • KT-31133 Liveness analysis on enum does not take into account calls to 'values'
  • KT-31433 Incorrect "Create expected class..." for class with supertype
  • KT-31475 "Create expect..." should delete 'override' modifier
  • KT-31587 Redundant private modifier before primary constructor after create actual class
  • KT-31921 "Create expected ..."/"Create actual..." quick fix: val and vararg modifiers are misordered in the generated expect/actual declaration
  • KT-31999 "Variable declaration could be moved into when" inspection suggests to inline expression containing return (throw) statement
  • KT-32012 Change parameter type quick fix: Don't use qualified name
  • KT-32468 False positive SimplifiableCall "filter call could be simplified to filterIsInstance" with expression body function and explicit return type
  • KT-32479 False positive "Redundant overriding method" with derived property and base function starting with get, set or is (Accidental override)
  • KT-32571 "Create expect" quick fix incorrectly treats multiplatform stdlib typealiased types as platform-specific ones
  • KT-32580 "Remove braces" QF for single-expression function with inferred lambda return type: "ClassCastException: class kotlin.reflect.jvm.internal.KClassImpl cannot be cast to class kotlin.jvm.internal.ClassBasedDeclarationContainer"
  • KT-32582 Ambiguous message for [AMBIGUOUS_ACTUALS] error (master)
  • KT-32586 "Make member open" quick fix doesn't update all the related actualisations of an expected member
  • KT-32616 "To ordinary string literal" doesn't remove indents, newlines and trimIndent
  • KT-32642 "Create expect" quick fix doesn't warn about a platform-specific annotation applied to the generated member
  • KT-32650 "Replace 'if' with 'when'" removes braces from 'if' statement
  • KT-32694 "Create expect"/"create actual" quick fix doesn't transfer use-site annotations
  • KT-32737 "Create expect" quick fix adds actual modifier to an interface function with default implementation without a warning
  • KT-32768 "Create expect" quick fix doesn't warn about a local supertype of an actual class while generating an expected declaration
  • KT-32829 "Add .jar to the classpath" quick fix creates "compile"/"testCompile" dependencies in build.gradle
  • KT-32972 No "remove braces" inspection for ${this}
  • KT-32981 "Create enum constant" quick fix adds redundant empty line
  • KT-33060 "Cleanup code" does not remove 'final' keyword for overridden function with non-canonical modifiers order
  • KT-33115 "Replace overloaded operator with function call" intention should not be shown on incomplete expressions
  • KT-33150 Don't suggest create expect function from function with private modifier
  • KT-33153 False positive "Redundant overriding method" when overriding package private method
  • KT-33204 False positive "flatMap call could be simplified to flatten()" with Array
  • KT-33299 "Create type parameter from usage" should work with backticks
  • KT-33300 "Create type parameter from usage" suggests for top level property
  • KT-33302 KNPE after "Create type parameter from usage" with typealias
  • KT-33357 'java.lang.Throwable: Assertion failed: Refactorings should be invoked inside transaction 'exception occurs when extracting sealed class from file with the same name
  • KT-33362 Inspection "Extract class from current file" is not available for 'sealed' keyword
  • KT-33437 “Argument rangeInElement (0,1) endOffset must not exceed descriptor text range (0, 0) length (0).” on creating Kotlin Script files inside package
  • KT-33612 "Replace with safe call" quick fix moves code to another line
  • KT-33660 "Convert to anonymous object" with nested SAM interface inserts object keyword in the wrong place
  • KT-33718 "Create enum constant" quick fix adds after semicolon
  • KT-33754 Improve error hint message for "Create expect/actual..."
  • KT-33880 "Convert to range check" produces code that is subject to ReplaceRangeToWithUntil for range with exclusive upper bound
  • KT-33930 Don't suggest "create expect" quick fix on lateinit and const top-level properties
  • KT-33981 “KotlinCodeInsightWorkspaceSettings is registered as application service, but requested as project one” on opening QF menu for some fixes in IJ193
  • KT-32965 False positive "Redundant qualifier name" with nested enum member call
  • KT-33597 False positive "Redundant qualifier name" with class property initialized with same-named object property
  • KT-33991 False positive "Redundant qualifier name" with enum member function call
  • KT-34113 False positive "Redundant qualifier name" with Enum.values() from a different Enum


  • KT-20777 KDoc: Type parameters are not shown in sample code

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-26333 IDE incorrectly requires actual implementations to be present in all the project source sets
  • KT-28537 Platform-specific type taken from a dependency module isn't reported in common code
  • KT-32562 Provide a registry key to enable/disable hierarchical multiplatform mechanism in IDE

IDE. Navigation

  • KT-28075 Duplicate "implements" gutter icons on some interfaces
  • KT-30052 Duplicated "is subclassed" editor gutter icons
  • KT-33182 com.intellij.idea.IdeStarter#main has four (!) icons, should be two


  • KT-33329 IllegalArgumentException in REPL

IDE. Refactorings

  • KT-24929 'Search for references' checkbox state isn't saved on move of kotlin file
  • KT-30342 Move refactoring: suggest file name starting with an uppercase letter
  • KT-32426 Invalid code format after "Pull Members Up" on function with comment and another indent
  • KT-32496 "Problems Detected" dialog message about conflicting declarations on moving file to another package is absolutely unreadable
  • KT-33059 Exception [Assertion failed: Write access is allowed inside write-action only] in case of Move class to nonexistent folder
  • KT-33972 Change signature should affect all hierarchy

IDE. Run Configurations

  • KT-34366 Implement gutters for running tests (multi-platform projects)

IDE. Scratch

  • KT-23986 No access to stdout output in Kotlin scratch
  • KT-23989 Scratch: allow copy of a scratch output
  • KT-28910 Add hint for Make before Run checkbox
  • KT-29407 strange output for long strings
  • KT-31295 Kotlin worksheet in projects, not as scratch files
  • KT-32366 Sidebar as alternative output layout
  • KT-33585 Synchronized highlighting of the main editor and side panel

IDE. Script

  • KT-30206 Settings / ... / Kotlin Scripting with no project opened causes ISE: "project.baseDir must not be null" at ScriptTemplatesFromDependenciesProvider.loadScriptDefinitions()
  • KT-32513 Intellij hangs in ApplicationUtilsKt.runWriteAction through ScriptDependenciesLoader$submitMakeRootsChange$doNotifyRootsChanged$

IDE. Wizards

  • KT-27587 Bump Android build tools version at Multiplatform (Android/iOS) template of the New Project Wizard
  • KT-33927 MPP, Kotlin New project wizard: broken project generation
  • KT-34108 Gradle Kotlin DSL: generated project with tasks element fails on configuration stage with Gradle 4.10
  • KT-34154 New Project wizard: build.gradle.kts: type-safe code sets JVM 1.8 for main, but JVM 1.6 for test
  • KT-34229 New Project wizard: IDEA 193+: Mobile Android/iOS: creating another project of this type tries to write into previous one


  • KT-12935 Generated source maps for JS mention nonexistent dummy.kt
  • KT-26701 JS, rollup.js: Application can't depend on a library if both sourcemaps reference "dummy.kt"


  • KT-26309 Avoid division in string-to-number conversions
  • KT-27545 File.copyTo: unclear error message when it fails to delete the destination
  • KT-28804 Wrong parameter name in kotlin.text.contentEquals
  • KT-32024 Modify Iterable<T>.take(n) implementation not to call .next() more than necessary
  • KT-32532 MutableList.removeAll is lacking documentation
  • KT-32728 CollectionsKt.windowed throws IllegalArgumentException (Illegal Capacity: -1) when size param is Integer.MAX_VALUE due to overflow operation
  • KT-33864 Read from pseudo-file system is empty


  • KT-13936 KotlinReflectionInternalError on invoking callBy on overridden member with inherited default argument value
  • KT-17860 Improve KParameter.toString for receiver parameters


  • KT-17045 Drop MaxPermSize support from compiler daemon
  • KT-32259 org.jetbrains.annotations module exported from embeddable compiler, causes problems in Java modular builds

Tools. Android Extensions

  • KT-32096 IDE plugin doesn't recognize that Parcelize is no longer experimental

Tools. CLI

  • KT-24991 CLI: Empty classpath in kotlin script except for kotlin-runner.jar
  • KT-26624 Set Thread.contextClassLoader when running programs with 'kotlin' launcher script or scripts with 'kotlinc -script'
  • KT-24966 Classloader problems when running basic kafka example with kotlin and kotlinc

Tools. Compiler Plugins

  • KT-29471 output from jvm-api-gen plugin on classpath crashes downstream kotlinc-jvm: inline method with inner class
  • KT-33630 cannot use @kotlinx.serialization.Transient and lateinit together on 1.3.50

Tools. Daemon

  • KT-32992 Enable assertions in Kotlin Compile Daemon
  • KT-33027 Compilation with daemon fails, because IncrementalModuleInfo#serialVersionUID does not match

Tools. Gradle

New Features

  • KT-20760 Kotlin Gradle Plugin doesn't allow for configuring friend paths through API
  • KT-34009 Associate compilations in the target–compilation project model

Performance Improvements

  • KT-31666 Kotlin plugin configures all tasks in a project when kotlin.incremental is enabled


  • KT-17630 User test Gradle source set code cannot reach out internal members from the production code
  • KT-22213 Android Extensions experimental mode doesn't work with Gradle Kotlin DSL
  • KT-31077 android.kotlinOptions block is lacking its type
  • KT-31641 Kapt configurations miss attributes to resolve MPP dependencies: Cannot choose between the following variants ...
  • KT-31713 ConcurrentModificationException: Realize Pending during execution phase
  • KT-32678 Bugfixes in HMPP source set visibility
  • KT-32679 Testing & test tasks API in the target–compilation model
  • KT-32804 Kapt-generated Java sources in jvm+withJava MPP module are not compiled and bundled
  • KT-32853 ConcurrentModificationException when compiling with Gradle.
  • KT-32872 Gradle test runner for Native does not show failed build if process quit without starting printing results.
  • KT-33105 kapt+withJava in multiplatform module depending on other multiplatform fails on 1.3.50-eap-54
  • KT-33469 Drop support for Gradle versions older than 4.3 in the Kotlin Gradle plugin
  • KT-33470 Drop support for Gradle versions older than 4.9 in the Kotlin Gradle plugin
  • KT-33980 Read the granular source sets metadata flag value once and cache it for the current Gradle build
  • KT-34312 UnsupportedOperationException on requiresVisibilityOf in the Kotlin Gradle plugin

Tools. Gradle. JS

New Features

  • KT-31478 Gradle, JS tests, Karma: Support sourcemaps in Gradle stacktraces
  • KT-32073 Gradle, JS, karma: parse errors and warnings from karma output
  • KT-32075 Gradle, JS, karma: download chrome headless using puppeteer


  • KT-31663 Gradle/JS: with not installed browser specified for browser test the response is "Successful, 0 tests found"
  • KT-32216 Gradle, JS, tests: filter doesn't work
  • KT-32224 In Gradle Kotlin/JS projects, the browserWebpack task does not rerun when the main compilation's outputs change
  • KT-32281 Gradle, JS, karma: Headless chrome output is not captured
  • KT-33288 JS: Incorrect bundle with webpack output.library and source maps
  • KT-33313 When a Kotlin/JS test task runs using a custom compilation, it doesn't track the compilation outputs in its up-to-date checks
  • KT-33547 Template JS Client and JVM Server works wrong on 1.3.50 Kotlin
  • KT-33549 Gradle Kotlin/JS external declarations: search for typings key inside package.json
  • KT-33579 Js tests with mocha cannot be run
  • KT-33710 Task "generateExternals" for automatic Dukat execution does not work
  • KT-33716 Gradle, Yarn: yarn is not downloading via YarnSetupTask
  • KT-34101 CCE class org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.targets.js.testing.KotlinJsTest_Decorated cannot be cast to class org.gradle.api.provider.Provider on importing Gradle project with JS
  • KT-34123 "Cannot find node module "kotlin-test-js-runner/kotlin-test-karma-runner.js"" in JS Client and JVM Server new project wizard template
  • KT-32319 Gradle, js, webpack: source-map-loader failed to load source contents from relative urls
  • KT-33417 NodeTest failed with error "Failed to create MD5 hash" after NodeRun is executed
  • KT-33747 Exception doesn't fail the test in kotlin js node runner
  • KT-33828 jsPackageJson task fails after changing artifact origin repository
  • KT-34460 NPM packages clash if declared in dependencies and devDependencies both
  • KT-34555 [Kotlin/JS] Unsafe webpack config merge

Tools. Gradle. Native

  • KT-33076 MPP Gradle plugin: Produce final native binaries from compilation output instead of sources
  • KT-33645 Kotlin/Native: Compilation failure if a library passed by the -Xinclude option contains a constructor annotated with @OverrideInit
  • KT-34259 MPP Gradle plugin: Support fat frameworks for watchOS and tvOS
  • KT-34329 Support watchOS and tvOS in CocoaPods Gradle plugin

Tools. J2K

New Features

  • KT-7940 J2K: convert Integer.MAX_VALUE to Int.MAX_VALUE
  • KT-22412 J2K: Intention to replace if(...) throw IAE with require
  • KT-22680 Request: when converting Java->Kotlin, try to avoid creating functions for constant fields (static final)

Performance Improvements

  • KT-33725 Java->Kotlin converter on paste performs expensive reparse in unrelated contexts
  • KT-33854 J2K conversion of Interface freezes UI for more than 10 seconds without progress dialog
  • KT-33875 [NewJ2K] InspectionLikeProcessingGroup pipeline rework: query isApplicable in parallel for all element first, apply relevant after in EDT


  • KT-19603 A mutable container property updated from another class converts to red code
  • KT-19607 Static member qualified by child class converted to red code
  • KT-20035 Automatic conversion from Java 1.8 to Kotlin 1.1.4 using Idea 2017.2.2: null!!
  • KT-21504 J2K: Convert Long.parseLong(s) to s.toLong()
  • KT-24293 Bug: conversion of Java "List" into Kotlin doesn't produce "MutableList"
  • KT-32253 Converting Java class with field initialized by constructor parameter used to initialize a different field or named as a different field produces red code
  • KT-32696 New J2K: java List is wrongly converted when pasting it to Kotlin file
  • KT-32903 J2K: Static import is converted to unresolved reference
  • KT-33235 Remove "Replace guard clause with kotlin's function call" inspection and tranform it to J2K post-processing
  • KT-33434 UninitializedPropertyAccessException occurs after J2K convertion of package with custom functional interface and it's usage
  • KT-33445 Two definitions of org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.j2k.J2kPostProcessing in Kotlin 1.3.50-rc
  • KT-33500 Unresolved reference after J2K convertion of isNaN/isFinite
  • KT-33556 J2K converter fails on statically imported global overloaded functions
  • KT-33679 Result of assignment with operation differs in kotlin after J2K conversion
  • KT-33687 Extra empty lines are added after comment after J2K conversion
  • KT-33743 Reference to static field outside its class is unresolved after J2K conversion
  • KT-33756 J2K: main method with varargs is converted to non-runnable main kotlin method
  • KT-33863 java.lang.IllegalStateException: argument must not be null exception occurs on J2K conversion of Generic class usage without type parameter
  • KT-19355 "Variable expected" error after J2K for increment/decrement of an object field
  • KT-19569 Java wrappers for primitives are converted to nullable types with nullability errors in Kotlin
  • KT-30643 J2K: wrong position of TYPE_USE annotation
  • KT-32518 Nullability information is lost after J2K convertion of constructor with null parameter
  • KT-33941 J2K: Overload resolution ambiguity with assertThat and StackOverflowError in IDEA
  • KT-33942 New J2K: StackOverflowError from org.jetbrains.kotlin.nj2k.inference.common.BoundTypeCalculatorImpl.boundTypeUnenhanced
  • KT-34164 J2K: on converting static method references in other .java sources are not corrected
  • KT-34165 J2K: imports are lost in conversion, references resolve to different same-named classes
  • KT-34266 Multiple errors after converting Java class implementing an interface from another file

Tools. JPS

  • KT-33808 JPS compilation is not incremental in IDEA 2019.3

Tools. Maven

  • KT-34006 Maven plugin do not consider .kts files as Kotlin sources
  • KT-34011 Kotlin scripting plugin is not loaded by default from kotlin maven plugin

Tools. REPL

  • KT-27956 REPL/Script: extract classes and names right from ClassLoader

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-31661 ClassNotFoundException in runtime for 'kotlinc -script' while compilation is fine
  • KT-31704 [kotlin-scripting] passing name to String.toScriptSource make script compilation failed
  • KT-32234 "Unable to derive module descriptor" when using Kotlin compiler (embeddable) in Java 9+ modular builds
  • KT-33529 NCDF running kotlin script from command line
  • KT-33554 Classpath not passed properly when evaluating standard script with kotlinc
  • KT-33892 REPL/Script: Implement mechanism for resolve top-level functions and properties from classloader
  • KT-34294 SamWithReceiver cannot be used with new scripting API

Tools. kapt

  • KT-31291 Incremental Kapt: IllegalArgumentException from<init>
  • KT-33028 Kapt error "Unable to find package java.lang in classpath or bootclasspath" on JDK 11 with -source 8
  • KT-33050 kapt does not honor source/target compatibility of enclosing project
  • KT-33052 Kapt generates invalid java stubs for enum members with class bodies on JDK 11
  • KT-33056 Incremental kapt is disabled due to javaslang.match.PatternsProcessor processor on classpath when Worker API is enabled
  • KT-33493 1.3.50,
  • KT-33515 Incremental kapt fails when I remove an annotated file
  • KT-33889 Incremental KAPT: NoSuchMethodError: 'java.util.regex.Pattern'
  • KT-33503 Kapt, Spring Boot: "Could not resolve all files for configuration ':_classStructurekaptKotlin'"
  • KT-33800 KAPT aptMode=compile fails to compile certain legitimate code

Kotlin Native

Related Kotlin Native changelog can be found separately.

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