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Kotlin 1.7.10

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@woainikk woainikk released this 08 Jul 07:32
· 17 commits to 1.7.0 since this release



  • KT-52702 Invalid locals information when compiling kotlinx.collections.immutable with Kotlin 1.7.0-RC2
  • KT-52892 Disappeared specific builder inference resolution ambiguity errors
  • KT-52782 Appeared receiver type mismatch error due to ProperTypeInferenceConstraintsProcessing compiler feature
  • KT-52718 declaringClass deprecation message mentions the wrong replacement in 1.7

IDE. Configuration

  • KTIJ-21982 Cannot run/build anything with Kotlin plugin since last update

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-52777 'org.jetbrains.kotlinx:atomicfu:1.7.0' Gradle 7.0+ plugin variant was published with missing classes

Tools. Gradle. JS

  • KT-52856 Kotlin/JS: Upgrade NPM dependencies

Tools. Gradle. Multiplatform

  • KT-52955 SourceSetMetadataStorageForIde: Broken 'cleanupStaleEntries' with enabled configuration caching or isolated ClassLoaders
  • KT-52694 Kotlin 1.7.0 breaks Configuration Caching in Android projects

Tools. Incremental Compile

  • KT-52669 Full rebuild in IC exception recovery leaves corrupt IC data


File Sha256 7683f5451ef308eb773a686ee7779a76a95ed8b143c69ac247937619d7ca3a09
kotlin-native-linux-x86_64-1.7.10.tar.gz b874373e87381b94c6a385178ea9594a5b4cfeb2fbae2bd89d3cb84c96bc3b96
kotlin-native-macos-x86_64-1.7.10.tar.gz 4e9470c25e0c6b3b79e86a59c7eca4d79c5a28ca515e80db93504535b2332a00
kotlin-native-macos-aarch64-1.7.10.tar.gz c02be577f541a5c73e1af75534006eea6e09cf67b3a886f323dae6f0406bcb3e 52c64c754a23da3d554d89beb9cdc322ffcb19b8d6f1e812e849e597d282b99d