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Kotlin 1.8.10

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@woainikk woainikk released this 02 Feb 15:08



  • KT-55483 K2: Fir is not initialized for FirRegularClassSymbol java/lang/invoke/LambdaMetafactory
  • KT-55729 "None of the following functions can be called with the arguments supplied:" in 1.8.0
  • KT-55769 "ERROR: Could not find accessor": Android DataBinding fails with Kotlin 1.8.0
  • KT-55308 InnerClass attributes should be sorted (innermost last)


  • KT-56282 KJS: Invalidate incremental cache in case of compiler internal errors
  • KT-55852 JS: "IllegalStateException: Unexpected ir type argument" caused by List with star projection type
  • KT-55716 KJS / IC: "Cannot read properties of undefined" with overriding variables with 1.8.0
  • KT-55758 KJS / IR: Checking implemented interface on a class implementing a @JsExport interface returns the wrong result


  • KT-56093 Metaspace leak in a Gradle plugin built with Kotlin 1.8.0

Tools. Compiler plugins. Serialization

  • KT-56347 [Kotlin 1.8] Regression kotlinx.serialization compiler plugin internal error
  • KT-55681 Serialization: NullPointerException after update to 1.8.0 caused by @Serializer(forClass= ..)
  • KT-56244 kotlinx.serialization compiler intrinsic does not work with encodeToString function in 1.8.0
  • KT-55683 Serialization: "IllegalStateException: Expected to have a primary constructor" with expect class and companion object
  • KT-55682 Serialization: "IllegalStateException: Function has no body: FUN name:serializer" with 1.8.0

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-55697 KGP 1.8.0 adds compileOnly dependencies to unit test compile classpath

Tools. Gradle. Multiplatform

  • KT-55730 MPP / Gradle: compileKotlinMetadata fails to resolve symbols in additional source sets

Tools. Gradle. Native

  • KT-56280 Gradle: freeCompilerArgs are no longer propagated from compilations to Native binaries

Tools. Kapt

  • KT-48013 Kapt generates illegal stubs for private interface methods


File Sha256 4c3fa7bc1bb9ef3058a2319d8bcc3b7196079f88e92fdcd8d304a46f4b6b5787
kotlin-native-linux-x86_64-1.8.10.tar.gz 4c5c8a82a63a3a9845be2514d536ca407340db7fc558b97c43ed003f866a9742
kotlin-native-macos-x86_64-1.8.10.tar.gz 52ea7cf2dfaae058fc00fc4e00ec89fefe5a7e4c83abeadb7531cc9346ff18db
kotlin-native-macos-aarch64-1.8.10.tar.gz 08cef514e9d582b0e7bcf3f592dd853270b535a4b765555db97381aeb8c92a85 e8b9a04f0df3cdec6fa360a6781723fc8551e93c70dfd1aaffbd282b7cddc19d