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js.ast KJS: implement array factory function intrinsics in Kotlin Jan 18, 2017
js.frontend JS: fix translation of references to external nested classes in files… Jan 19, 2017
js.inliner JS: fix scope of function generated for primary constructor. See KT-1… Jan 19, 2017
js.libraries KJS: make `JSON` object and allow to pass null to `stringify` methods Jan 18, 2017
js.serializer KT-15673 Couldn't use header function in 3rd module Jan 13, 2017
js.tests JS: insert dummy initializers for property that initialized on `init`… Jan 19, 2017
js.translator JS: fix translation of references to external nested classes in files… Jan 19, 2017
npm.templates JS: add templates for kotlin and kotlin-compiler packages Oct 13, 2016 Updates link to JavaScript issues on YouTrack (#939) Aug 27, 2016

JavaScript Translation

This module performs the translation of Kotlin source code to JavaScript.

There are various Kotlin APIs to JavaScript environments and libraries in the js.libraries project.

Compiling the standard Kotlin library to JavaScript

Reusing JVM based test cases in JavaScript

Any Kotlin test cases using the org.junit.Test annotation and the kotlin.test package, such as this test case are automatically converted to JavaScript using QUnit.

This allows the test cases to be ran directly in a web page in any web browser.

Using the Kotlin Library in JavaScript

There is a simple sample which shows how to use the Kotlin Standard Library from inside JavaScript in a web page or in a JVM using's JavaFX browser


We love contributions! The JavaScript translation could really use your help! If you fancy contributing: