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Refactor JS tests: unified package name, test JS specific map impleme…

…ntations only in JS.

Add required files to build StdLibTestToJSTest.
Remove tests StdLibMapJsTest and StdLibSetJsTest because they are tested elsewhere.
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@ilya-g ilya-g authored

The Kotlin Standard Library

This module creates the standard library for kotlin.

Notes for contributors

We use some code generation to apply the various collection-like methods to various different types like arrays, strings, kotlin.Iterable and java.lang.Iterable etc.

To run the code generator from a kotlin checkout

cd libraries/tools/kotlin-stdlib-gen
mvn compile exec:java

This then runs the GenerateStandardLib.kt script to create the source from the files for java.lang.Iterable and java.util.Collection etc.

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