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MRPP_xunit_dotcover.xml + dotCover meta-runner for TeamCity

This meta-runner runs tests inside of TeamCity and includes dotCover coverage reports.

Full details can be found @



  • In the TeamCity UI: Administration > Projects > Edit (project item) > Meta-Runners > Upload Meta-Runner
  • Download MRPP_xunit_dotcover.xml ( <- right click and save this link)
  • Browse for the xml file just downloaded
  • Give it a name like "xunit.xml" if one isn't added for you
  • Click Save

Now when adding a build step you can choose the new + dotCover 💕 runner from the bottom of the list.

What it does

  • downloads the latest available console runner from a local or remote nuget feed
  • uses wildcard searching to find and run tests
  • (Optional) provides dotCover coverage reporting and statistics back to Teamcity.
  • return error codes to fail builds.
  • Supports both v1.x and v2.x test assemblies.
  • (Optional) generates dotCover report


The following files are published as build artifacts by this runner

  • dotCover configuration xml
  • dotCover logs
  • coverage files (*.dcvr)
  • dotCover Report (html, json, xml, ndependxml)

Configuration Option Defaults*

Runner configuration in TeamCity

*Editable as required

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