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MR_XUnitNet.xml meta-runner for TeamCity

This meta-runner allows you to run tests inside of TeamCity without needing to install anything further on your server. It will automatically install the xUnit runner from Chocolatey after ensuring Chocolatey exists on that server (it installs Chocolatey for you if it's not already there). It will then execute against the dll(s) you provide and output the appropriate test statuses to TeamCity. Runner

Runner configuration in TeamCity

The following options can be specified:

  • Assembly/ies to test - The list of assemblies to test with paths relative to the working directory
  • dotCover Filters - List of filters for dotCover code coverage

Supports both v1.x and v2.0 test assemblies, using the xUnit2.0 console runner.

Known Issues

  1. Once this gets 2.x installed on the server from Chocolatey it will never try and update it - It could include a call to cinst to update it if necessary every run, but that will add at least 1-2s (if not more) to every build run due to Chocolatey's slowness. That's why it checks the filesystem for chocolatey rather than invoking a Chocolatey command to see if it already exists.
  2. Due to difficulties passing dynamic variables between meta-runner runners this meta-runner only where Chocolatey is installed to %ProgramData%\Chocolatey.
  3. Currently this meta-runner is hard-coded to use dotCover
  4. This meta-runner is compatible with the 2.0 console runner and therefore forces an update to 2.0. It does this by hard-coding the chocolatey package reference to XUnit 2.0.0 (which is currently in the package moderation queue).
  5. Due to incompatible command line arguments, this meta-runner only works with Chocolatey >
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