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From the end user's perspective, there is no noticeable user interface. When you use a type that lives in an assembly that is not part of the assemblies currently referenced, but is in an assembly referenced by other projects in the solution, ReSharper will mark the type as an error, and display the context action icon when the cursor is on the type name (the red light bulb). Pressing Alt-Enter displays the action "reference 'asm' and use 'Asm.Type'". This plugin hooks into that process. Selecting that action for an assembly referenced as part of a NuGet package will be installed by NuGet.
+## Building ##
+To build the source, you need the [ReSharper 7 SDK]( installed (ReSharper 6.1.1 support requires the [ReSharper 6.1 SDK, which can be downloaded from the previous versions archive]( Then just open the resharper-nuget.sln file and build.
## Installing
-To install, you can download a pre-built version in the downloads section. Extract the zip file and run the appropriate batch file for your version of ReSharper.
+If you wish to just install a copy of the plugins without building yourself:
+- Visit the [downloads section on GitHub](
+- Download the latest zip file
+- Extract everything
+- Run the appropriate batch file for your version of ReSharper, e.g. Install-NuGetSupport.7.0.bat for ReSharper 7.0
## Version
The current version is 0.2, and should be treated as a beta version. It has been tested with Visual Studio 2012 and 2010, and supports ReShaprer 6.1.1, 7.0 and 7.1 (EAP build 22)
+## Contributing ##
+Feel free to raise issues on GitHub, or [fork the project]( and [send a pull request](
## Roadmap
Please see the Issues tab on JetBrains' GitHub page.

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