The 'VSTS for Database Professionals' package did not load correctly - when using the plugin #8

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Hi everyone,

Plugin seemed to work great but after re-opening a few of my solutions then visual studio 2010 complains that "The vsts for database professionals package did not load correctly''.

Tried a number of things to resolve it including running devenv with /resetpkgs but still happens..

Had to disable the plugin.

I am using resharper 7.1 and I installed the correct plugin.

This has happend on 2 machine with 2 different solutions.

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So, it consistently fails with the plugin installed, and then starts working again when the plugin is removed?

Could you try running Visual Studio with logging?

devenv.exe /log /ReSharper.LogFile %TEMP%\resharper.log /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose

The files you're interested in are %TEMP%\resharper.log, %APPDATA%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\activity.xml and also any files in %LOCALAPPDATA%\JetBrains\ReSharper\v7.1\ExceptionStorage.

I don't think you can attach them to GitHub issues, but you can zip them and mail them to me at matt.ellis at



Thanks for the response. It is happening on machines at work, monday morning I will send everything.

But yes you are correct, disabling the public fixes the issues, reenabling the pluging causes the issue again to surface.

Thanks for the quick response.

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No problem. Hope we can fix the problem. Must confess that I'm a little confused about what VSTS for Database Professionals is, though - is it a download for VS 2010, or a completely separate version?

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No, I've only got 2010 Professional. I don't see any mention of DB Professional...

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@citizenmatt citizenmatt Stop VSTS DB Pro crashing on VS2010 machines
Fixed #8. Made the 7.1 project .net 4.0 instead of .net 4.5. No idea why, but this causes crashes with VS2010, SQL Server 2012 and when .net 4.5 isn't installed. No useful exceptions, but it all works ok, now.
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