Release Notes

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Version 1.2 (28/01/2013)

Download here:

  • Fixed - Fails to add references to non-NuGet assemblies, e.g. GAC assemblies. See issue #11.

Version 1.1 (24/01/2013)

Download here:

  • Fixed - Fails to add packages with NuGet 2.2 (see issue #9). Added more visible error handling if this should fail again.
  • Fixed - Causes VSTS for Database Professionals to crash (see issue #8)
  • Enhancement - Provide notifications for new versions (see issue #10). Will display a notification when the version AFTER 1.1 is released.

Version 1.0 Initial Release

Initial functionality - NuGet packages are now referenced via NuGet rather than as a file reference when using the import reference quick-fix.