ReSharper extension to show executing commands and keystrokes
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Presentation Assistant for ReSharper

Presentation Assistant is an extension for ReSharper that will display the keyboard shortcuts for the currently executing action. Useful for demos, but also handy for pair programming - easily answer those "how did you do that?" questions.

Presentation Assistant showing a shortcut for Extend Selection


  • Displays invoked ReSharper actions, showing any shortcuts. Defaults to Visual Studio keymap, showing the IntelliJ shortcut if it's different. (Visual Studio commands will be added in a future version.)
  • Displays shortcuts for Visual Studio commands where possible. This means, displays the command and shortcuts if it's visible in the main menu. Any other commands (toolbar buttons in tool windows, for example) are not currently shown.
  • Shows multiple invocations of a shortcut.
  • Supports Visual Studio's Light and Dark themes.

Any suggestions? Found a bug? Please add an issue!


You can download the plugin via the Extension Manager. Once installed, you can enable and disable it by selecting the "Presentation Assistant" item in the ReSharper → Tools menu.

Enable Presentation Assistant via the Tools menu