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-IntelliJ IDEA SBT plugin
+SBT plugin to generate xml project structure
-SBT support in IntelliJ IDEA.
+It have to commands:
+read-project: Just returns xml of project structure
+read-project-and-repository: Returns xml of project structure, additionally downloads all required dependencies
-Currently the plugin is in an alpha stage.
+To publish xml to file, use artifactPath setting.
-[More info & Nightly builds](
+Plugin usage
-* SBT project import (via "Open" or "Import project")
-* Auto-import on project changes
-* .sbt files support
-* Console
-* Command tool window
-* SBT project make
+Generally this plugin will be used by IntelliJ IDEA SBT plugin. However it's possible to use it by any IDE.

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