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TeamCity Achievements plugin

This plugin grants achievements to TeamCity users for different actions.


The latest build of the plugin can be downloaded from the public TeamCity server.

How To Build

Run maven clean package

How To Install

Install the plugin as described in the TeamCity documentation.

After successful installation the "My Achievements" tab becomes visible on the user profile page.

Available achievements

Available achievements can be seen on "My Achievements" tab of the user profile page. At the moment the following achievements are available:

  • Cleanup Booster - Granted for unpinning several builds in a row. This will help cleanup process to free more disk space on the server.
  • Saboteur - Granted for bombing (muting) several tests with automatic explosion (unmute) on a specific date.
  • Sapper - Granted for disarming (unmuting) several tests.
  • Crusher - Granted if a person is assigned investigation for a series of broken compilations.
  • Debugger - Granted for a series of commits mentioning fixed bugs.
  • Big Brother - Granted for assigning investigations to several different persons.
  • Taxonomist - Granted for tagging several builds in a row.
  • Novelist - Granted for extra long commit descriptions.
  • Boy Scout - Granted for assigning several investigations for a test or problem to himself.
  • Early Bird - Granted for some early action on the build server.


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