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official JetBrains project jetbrains/teamcity-server

DEPRECATED TeamCity Server Image Dockerfile

This repository is no longer supported, please consider using teamcity-docker-images instead.

This project contains the Dockerfiles and all necessary scripts to build the Linux and Windows Docker images and run a TeamCity server inside the container.

You can pull the ready-to-use image from the Docker Hub repository

docker pull jetbrains/teamcity-server

If you need to build your own image, you need to perform the following:

  1. On Unix extract TeamCity.tar.gz of any version you'd like to use into the dist/teamcity folder. In the same directory where the Dockerfile is placed, run

      mkdir dist
      tar zxf TeamCity-<version>.tar.gz -C dist/
      mv dist/TeamCity dist/teamcity

    On Windows just put TeamCity.tar.gz into the repository root.

  2. Run the docker build command:

     docker build -t teamcity-server

    On Windows just execute build.ps1 powershell script.

If you want to extend this image with your own setup scripts, you can place them in /services and the script will run them before starting TeamCity server. You can add your scripts with a COPY instruction in the Dockerfile, or better yet, in a new image based on this one:

FROM jetbrains/teamcity-server
COPY /services/

See our detailed instructions on how to use the image in the Docker Hub repository .