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TeamCity NuGet support

This plugin provides NuGet support features for TeamCity. For more details, please see NuGet support description.


The plugin is bundled from TeamCity 7.0. If you need a latest build download and install it as an additional TeamCity plugin.

Plugin Status Download TeamCity
0.15 (dev) Download 10.x
0.14 Download 10.0.x
0.13 Download 9.1.x
0.12 Download 9.0.x
0.11 Download 8.1.x
0.10 Download 8.0.x

Building the plugin

This project uses gradle as a build system. To resolve non-public libraries you need to have local TeamCity installation and define teamcityDir in the gradle properties. After that You can open it in IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse.


We appreciate all kinds of feedback, so please feel free to send a PR or write an issue.


Apache 2.0