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This is dotNetPackageManagers TeamCity plugin.

The goal of this plugin is to research and support
.NET package managers in TeamCity. 

We plan to cover mostly nuget and openwrap.

This plugin will be compatible with TeamCity 6.5 and newer

Supported features:

- NuGet packages installer build runner:
  Installs packages with help of nuget install command, according to David Ebbo post 
  allowing to use NuGet without committing packages to version control.

  Updates packages help of nuget update command

- NuGet Dependency Trigger:
  Build Trigger that starts a new build if package is updated.   

- NuGet used packages tab

  Reports list of all used packages in build configuration. 
  Available only if NuGet Packages Installer Build Runner is used.

- Build Runner to publish created NuGet packages to NuGet feeds

- TeamCity is able to download and distribute NuGet.Commandline within all build agents

- Build runner to create nuget package

API gaps TeamCity:
 - Reuse ComposideBuildProcess and DelegatingBuildProcess
 - Use XmlXppAbstractParser#parse(InputSream)
 - Consider reusing of Maven build trigger/project models
 - Make server-side PluginDescription contain getPluginRoot() to avoid cast to PluginInfo
 - Add CustomDataStorage to BuildTriggerDescriptor
 - Tools server extension: 
   - no way to provide own UI
   - no way to implement custom downloader
   - user may tweak download url to download malicious file instead of expected one => checkes required
 - Add an API to provide pluginData path without use of ServerPaths class and specifying names explicitly
 - Extract interfaces from jetbrains.buildServer.controllers.admin.projects.EditBuildTypeFormFactory#getOrCreateForm to make it available in open API
 - No Ant Path matcher component to convert relative and absolute patterns to list of files.
 - Option for commandline runner to avoid dumping executing commandline  (I need to hide passwords)

API gaps NuGet:
 - Allow to call nuget.exe with plugins without installing them into %USERPROFILE%
 - Allow to provide authorization for NuGet sources from commandline

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