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TeamCity SDK Documentation
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TeamCity Plugin Development Documentation

Welcome to the source repository of the TeamCity Plugin Development Help site.

We are happy to receive feedback from our community and greatly appreciate your direct contribution. You can help us improve and expand the plugin documentation by submitting a pull request with changes for review.

Please follow these guidelines to propose changes:

  • Create your own fork of this repository to be able to change files.
  • Go to the topics folder to find the Markdown source files of all Help pages.
  • To propose changes to an existing Help page, edit its source .md file.
  • To describe a new plugin, create a new <plugin-name>.md file in the topics folder.
  • Make sure to use the proper Markdown syntax.
  • When ready, submit a pull request to the master branch of this repository.

We will review your pull request and get back to you with our feedback as soon as possible.

Before contributing, please make sure to sign the JetBrains Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Without the signed CLA, we will have to reject your pull request.

Happy contributing!

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