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YouTrack Mobile

YouTrack Mobile helps you access your YouTrack issues from anywhere, create a new issue on the fly, or quickly update an existing one.

Enjoy a clean, minimalist view of the issues, along with a search box aided by intelligent query completion. Filter issues in no time. Check issue details, comments, view attachments and join the discussion.

YouTrack Mobile is a native mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. It's written using React Native.

Download YouTrack Mobile:

YouTrack Mobile list YouTrack Mobile search YouTrack Mobile issue view YouTrack Mobile issue creation

Contribute as Developer

If you are a developer, we invite you to help us improve this open-source app.

  1. Install dependencies via npm install or yarn install.
  2. Read getting started.
  3. Check code quality and type safety with npm run lint; run tests with npm test.



  1. Install XCode (recommended) or XCode command line tools by xcode-select --install.
  2. Open XCode Settings, navigate to Downloads tab and download iOS 10 simulator.


  • Run development server via npm start

  • Compile and install app to emulator by npm run ios. You only need to perform this once.


Press CMD+D to debug while the app is running on the simulator. Refer to the official documentation.

Run and debug in WebStorm 2016.3

  • Create a new React Native run/debug configuration and select iOS as a target platform

  • Run the created configuration to run the app (instead of npm start and npm run ios)

  • To debug the app, add some breakpoints and Debug the created configuration. When the simulator is running, press CMD+D and select Remote JS Debugging.



Setup Android environment. After setup is complete, install project dependencies and create an Android emulator.

Install android-sdk on Mac OS X:

brew install android-sdk

Install all packages required for react-native Android SDK:

android update sdk --all --no-ui -t tools,platform-tools,build-tools-23.0.1,android-23\
npm install
npm run android-emulator-create


npm start &
npm run android-emulator &
npm run android


Press CMD+M to open the debug menu for Android emulator. Refer to the official documentation.