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YouTrack Mobile

YouTrack Mobile helps you access your YouTrack issues from anywhere, create a new issue on the fly, or quickly update an existing one.

Enjoy a clean, minimalist view of the issues, along with a search box aided by intelligent query completion. Filter issues in no time. Check issue details, comments, view attachments and join the discussion.

YouTrack Mobile is a native mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. It's written using React Native.

Download YouTrack Mobile:

If you find any bugs in the app, please report them to our issue tracker.

YouTrack Mobile list

YouTrack Mobile search

YouTrack Mobile issue view

YouTrack Mobile issue creation

Contribute as Developer

If you are a developer, we invite you to help us improve this open-source app.

  1. Install dependencies via npm install or yarn install.
  2. Read getting started.
  3. Check code quality and type safety with npm run lint; run tests with npm test.



  1. Install XCode (recommended) or XCode command line tools by xcode-select --install.
  2. Open XCode Settings, navigate to Downloads tab and download iOS 10 simulator.


  • Run development server via npm start

  • Compile and install app to emulator by npm run ios. You only need to perform this once.


Press CMD+D to debug while the app is running on the simulator. Refer to the official documentation.

Run and debug in WebStorm 2016.3

  • Do not forget to set JavaScript language level to "Flow". See details here.

  • Create a new React Native run/debug configuration and select iOS as a target platform

  • Run the created configuration to run the app (instead of npm start and npm run ios)

  • To debug the app, add some breakpoints and Debug the created configuration. When the simulator is running, press CMD+D and select Remote JS Debugging.



Setup Android environment.

After setup is complete, install project dependencies and create an Android emulator.

npm install
npm run android-emulator-create


npm start &
npm run android-emulator &
npm run android


Press CMD+M to open the debug menu for Android emulator. Refer to the official documentation.