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-Making an Osmos like game using SFML in C++.
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+Making an Osmos like game using SFML in C++.
+Laws of the Code
+These are the laws of all the code that will go into this project. These were agreed upon by all the developers.
+1. Document EVERY function that's not a getter or a setter.
+2. No stupid continue crap. If you want to get an if/else statement inside a for loop, don't write if continue; code.
+3. Don't use a cast unless you absolutely need one.
+4. Curly braces go at the end of the line, not on the next line.
+5. Use tabs for indentation.
+6. All variables and functions will be capitalized as per SFML convention (UpperCamelCase).
+7. Put all your #includes in header files.
+8. DO NOT commit broken code to Master.

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