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Built by: Luke@jcsc.biz ┬┌─┐┌─┐┌─┐ ┌┐ ┬┌─┐ ││ └─┐│ ├┴┐│┌─┘ └┘└─┘└─┘└─┘o└─┘┴└─┘


Business Plan HTML Templates 5

** If you downloaded or forked this code:: Go HERE! -- <= Fix Latter
** If you plan on hosting this code on a pblicly facing server:: Go HERE!


  • Pitch !                       -- Example Presentation
  • Break Even Point     -- Sample Report
  • Gantt Chart              -- Project Managment
  • Task List                   -- Data List Example
  • Gallery View             -- Bulk Image Managment { work in progress }
  • Home - About           -- Application{Home} QuickLinks
  • Business Plan Index -- Table of Contents


These are templates for a SPA html application to provide a specific duty in building a quality business plan. The data will be provided in a json format and creat the ability for each template to all point to the same source but deliver the same consistant look, but keeping the data dynamic and you the user, utilizing one small application to help you build out your fantastic idea|product|service|organization and focus on your idea|data.

We have not yet released every template, but we are working on some changes that will enable help the process of what we are trying to achive. For now these are functioning code samples to entise you to want to pay me to develop a custom business plan or application. If you think things are missing please DONATE and let us know what your thoughts!!!

	For now I hope you find Value in the product,      

  ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 
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This project will remain OPEN. Hosted on GitHub © & NeoCities ©

The BPHT5 Project Managment Site -- is the area I created to help me mange this project.

This is a static template project to scaffold out ideas, rapid prototypes and bring a faster development time for internal projects at jcsc.biz © this project is also a marketing attempt to help people realize a business plan can be nothing more than a complicated html file, and if you are afraid of making the changes need to get your idea, please! Let us know!!! Tell us: Luke@jcsc.biz to do it for you!

By being open we build and test this platform on open products and ensure that any part that makes it way in is open. the tools we use to build updates, chages, ect are open. There are costs to maintian this project, it is not FREE!!!! I have another 360 days or so to try and facilitate the a positive ROI for this project but the time & efforts saved on building new projects and manging these projects is shorting as I improve this toolset.

I say static not that it won't hae updates, we are working on a bunch!!, but there is no 'magic' just CSS JavaScript and the power brought to us by web-browsers. The only 3rd party code is Google Analitics © , other than that everything these files need are included with the source. Enabling this project work where ever you put it. Please see the LICENSE.md if you plan to host this code on a #PUBLICLY facing server! While this is an open project we are going to build in a LICENSING system to provive for the future of this project.

There is a planned STAGE-2:

This will be a Plan Builder, not-yet released thank the angular team!, But this project will enable you to build your plan and export single or multiple files, organized in a neat little .zip ready for deploment. But, .... .... Work still needs to be done!!! This Plan builder will be based from this project, and be a adjunct product to help BPHT5 © become a better product.