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This repository contains the CAD files for a revision of the GUS Simpson 3d printer. These files come with no gaurantess as all and I'm too lazy to figure out licensing stuff right this second but I'm pretty much fine with them being used however so long as they remain open source. All files were made/modified in solidworks 2016 so if you are hoping to reqork/modify them the easiest would be to use the native version in solidworks 2016 or beyond. I have also exported to STEP, IGES, and Parasolid formats for those who would like to use other CAD packages. 

The STL folder contains all files for printing. A BOM with quantities of how many of each item to print will be forthcoming. Some prints will require auto-generated breakaway or dissolvable support material so use a compatible slicer. Try to keep a wall thickness greater than 1.5 mm (2mm is better). A printer with a decent sized build volume is required. 

The DXFs folder contains DXF files. These files should be lasercut from 0.25" (~8mm) acryllic. If you don't have access to a laser cutter you can either design your own base solution (the only critical part is 3 holes spaced 250mm apart) or you can order parts cut from available online services (I think pololu has a laser cutting service available). 

If you only wish to use my new arm solution, an existing GUS base should be compatible, you only need to reprint the slave/motor arms as well as the new hub pieces. 

A detailed BOM with purchasing links is in the works, temporarily I will list a few hard-to-find parts here in case someone is eager to order. The aluminum spools are from trid 3d printing. I use the 24 volt E3d v6 all metal hotend with bowden attachment. The board is a azteeg-x5 which uses smoothieware and the firmware is in another of my repositories. I use 623vv pullies I recomend ordering from alli-express in large quantities. All other bearings are 608 (skateboard bearings). I use the viki 2 display as it has good compatibility with the x5. The build plate is a 12" aluminum disk with a milled face which can be ordered from mcmaster. 
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