Go bindings to Pacman's libalpm
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go-alpm is a Go package for binding libalpm. With go-alpm, it becomes possible to manipulate the Pacman databases and packages just as Pacman would.

This project is MIT Licensed. See LICENSE for details.

Getting started

  1. Import the go-alpm repository in your go script

    import "github.com/jguer/go-alpm"

  2. Copy the library to your GOPATH

    mkdir /go export GOPATH=/go go get github.com/jguer/go-alpm

  3. Try the included examples

    cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/jguer/go-alpm/examples go run installed.go

Current Maintainers

  • Morganamilo
  • Jguer

Original Contributors

  • Mike Rosset
  • Dave Reisner
  • Rémy Oudompheng
  • Jesus Alvarez