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Managed .NET 3DEngine Test

This is a test project to help me understand DirectX. I borrowed a lot from http://www.richardssoftware.net/p/directx-11-tutorials.html who converted the examples in Frank Luna's 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11 book (which I'm currently working through) to use SlimDX and .NET.

This project is also to practice re-factoring the code using basic OOP practices, though I have to admit I'm putting more effort into getting the code working more than anything and it is proving challenging maintaining separation of concerns. However, the goal is to end up with a project that is a simple 3D engine with a low learning curve, much like Blitz3D in the olden days with DX7.

Start with the Sample D3DApplication. As I add feature support I make use of the new features in that sample project.

Pablo A.