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startup demo code for webrtc beginners.
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A startup demo for webrtc beginners, Including a simple signal server base on , and some client demos on Web/Android/iOS/Windows Platform.

1. What is included ?

  • RTCSignalServer

    • A simple signal server written in Golang. Support simple room management and message exchange.
    • API Reference:
  • RTCClientDemo

    • Web
    • Android
    • iOS(coming soon)
    • Windows(coming soon)

2. Overview

2. Usage and Restricts

The demos only support 2 peers making call in the LAN. The peer can come from different platform.

You can't make call without a signal server. The RTCSignalServer can be built and host by yourself which is recommend. I also provide a hosted signal server:

The hosted signal server is only for test. The stability is not guaranteed. And you should be careful about the Room Name , because someone else may also use the same room.

3. Dependence

4. Links


5. Contact

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