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SEMB1451/1452 software library
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SEMB1451/1452 software library (rev.0.12)

This is a C library for SEMB1451/1452 RZ/A2M Eva Lite board included with e2studio environment setting files and .scfg file for Smart Configurator provided by Renesas Electronics Corp.

This library is based on "software package version 5" provided by Renesas. So you can easily modify and add this codes with e2studio on Windows PC.

Let's enjoy it !

Information for target board

SEMB-1451/1452 is provided by Shimafuji in Japan.




Import this library into e2studio.

[New Project] -> [Import] ~/demos/renesas/rza2m-ebk/e2studio


Build the project on e2studio/Windows PC. When there is no error, you can get the hex code for SEMB1451. After that, please write the firmware to flash memory with e2studio debugging mode.

If you use the console as debug or something to do, you should connect the USB-Serial converter onto SCIFA4 connector, because SCIFA4 is defined with the console of RZ/A2M. Please set Vertual COM port with Data 8bit, Non-Parity, Stop 1bit, and 1Mbps at a terminal software on PC .


You can easly modify the peripheral function with Smart Configulator. When you will do it, please check the user's manual for smart configulator. Please don't change L1 cache setting for Internal memory (0x80000000-).

Current Support Peripherals

Function Name Peripheral Name Status notes
Serial Serbo I/F SCIFA2-4 ready SCIFA4 is normally using as console
RSS485 I/F SCIFA0,1 ready automatically direction changing(RX,TX)
ADC I/F ADC4-7 ready sample ADC4,5:Joystick, ADC6:distance
Battery Monitor ADC2 ready
BMX055 RIIC0 ready on-board 9-axes MEMS
EEPROM RIIC3 ready on-board 2kbyte-EEPROM
RSPI I/F RSPI0,1 ready spi master
Ethernet Ethernet0 N.A. underdevelopment
USB Host USB0 N.A. underdevelopment
USB Function USB1 N.A. underdevelopment
micro SD slot SDHI0 ready
CAN(FD) I/F CAN(FD) N.A. underdevelopment


Apache Licence Ver.2 except included source codes created by the another one.

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