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CCIndex for HBase to support noprimary-key scan

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Preview version of CCIndex for HBase.

CCIndex is short for Complemental Clustering Index.

This version is built on HBase 0.20.2, thank James Kennedy the author of transactional table for some of our codes are based on his work.

Codes of CCIndex  are in the following two packages :
There is a test case of CCIndex :
The class named "MultiDimensionRangeQueryTest" is used to perform Multi-Dimensional Range Query.

Current status:
 Strip CCIndex from transctional table and migrate CCIndex from HBase 0.20.2 (the preview version of CCIndex) to HBase 0.89.0. (coming soon)
 Add a log system to ensure the data consistency.
 Reconstruct the CCIndex codes based on the coprocessor framework.
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