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LiPo Booster v1.0.brd
LiPo Booster v1.0.sch
LiPo Booster v1.1.brd
LiPo Booster v1.1.sch
LiPo Booster v1.2.brd
LiPo Booster v1.2.sch
LiPo Booster v2.0.brd
LiPo Booster v2.0.sch


A breadboard-friendly boost converter board based on TPS61230 from Texus Instrument. The input voltage from a single cell LiPo battery is converted to 5V for use with 5V systems.

v1: Minimum component count

v2: Configurable UVLO using three additional resistors

Please refer to the TPS61230 datasheet for UVLO resistors calculation.