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Text Embed (for Omeka S)

An Omeka S module to embed Texts (files .txt) directly in file or item pages.

Embedding on public item pages will only occur if the site's "Embed media on item pages" setting is enabled.

For the time being, this module simply uses an iframe pointing to the text file, relying on the browser to do the rendering itself. You can choice two modes (Mode Nuit / Mode Normal) in reading.


  • From the zip

Download the last release TextEmbed.zip from the list of releases (the master does not contain the dependencies), uncompress it in the 'modules' directory, and rename the module folder 'TextEmbed'.

  • From the source and for development:

If the module was installed from the source, check if the name of the folder of the module is TextEmbed, go to the root of the module, and run either:

  composer install

The install it like any other Omeka Module.


You need to add new item (file .txt): item --> Add new item --> Value --> Media --> Upload --> Choisir un fichier --> Add

If item successfully created, you will get a message Item successfully created. Add another item?.

The file .txt name is displayed in the right area, you can click it to read.


If you want to add a text that contains other language types, for exemple: .css, .json, .java, html, php ...

You have to set it: Settings --> Security --> Disable file validation (click here) --> Save

The MIME type of default text is text/plain, so files .css, .json, .java and .js can be embed directly, but files .html, php, xml and .c, the type of their text must be changed to .txt.