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Cordova hook that uglifies and minifies your app's Javascript files, minifies CSS files and HTML files, and compresses your image files.
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Cordova hook that uglifies and minifies your app's Javascript files, minifies CSS files, and compresses your image files. It is derived from the work of Ross Martin's original cordova-uglify, with the added image compression and recursive search for your script and stylesheets inside your js/ and css/ folders in www. This DOES NOT compress the assets in your www folder, but rather, on your respective platform's www folders, so your development environment isn't touched, and your apps stay fast and slim!


Install this package inside of your app's root folder with this command.

npm install ionic-minify --save-dev

The --save-dev flag is important! If you decide to work on another environment, ionic-minify cannot run without the original package and its dependencies! After install, an after_prepare folder will be added to your hooks folder with the ionic-minify.js script in it.


Once you have this hook installed it will compress your app's JavaScript and CSS when you run a ionic prepare <platform> or ionic build <platform> command. This hook does not change your assets that live in the root www folder; it will uglify the assets that get outputted to the platforms folder after a prepare or build.

By default the hook will uglify the JavaScript, CSS, and images in the <platform> www/js, www/css, and www/img of your project Take a look at this line in the hook to add more folders to be minified - optional. You can configure the hook to uglify/minify only for a release build, see here.


Out of the box this hook requires Cordova 3.3.1-0.4.2 and above but it can work with versions 3.0.0 thru 3.3.0 if you manually indicate the path for the platforms directories on Android and iOS see here. This is because the CORDOVA_PLATFORMS environment variable was not added until version 3.3.1-0.4.2 (see this post by Dan Moore).


  • On Linux and OSX: hooks folder needs to have permissions modified. Perform a chmod -R 755 /hooks to resolve this issue.



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