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Dirty statistics about translations in Fedora
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Fedora is translated via

Zanata is a free software :

It exposes a REST API :

Statistics production

How to use

git clone
cd fedora-translation-statistics

How does it works

It downloads firt the list of all fedora Projets with Zanata's API.

For each active project, it donwloads iteration/version list.

For earch active iteration/version, it downloads statistics.

Then, a csv file is created with all results.

As a remember, this is the organization of Zanata : Group > Project > Iteration/version > Document

AppData statistics

A script to get Fedora's translation status of RPM available in Fedora.

You need to download "Fedora-xx.xml" from (where xx is the Fedora version)

This source file is produced by Richard Hughes with :

TM extraction

How to use

git clone
cd fedora-translation-statistics

This will produce one translation memory file per project-iteration couple, whatever the project or iteration is active or not.

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