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Helping Americans Find Public Bathrooms Since 2018
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To help people who have Crohn's, Colitis, IBS or anyone who just want to find a nice clean public restroom near you or wherever you’re headed.



How to Use

  • When the app loads, you will automatically be brought to your current location and crowd-sourced bathrooms within your vicinity will appear on the map as red markers
  • Use search bar to search any location on the map to find bathrooms nearby
  • If you find a public restroom not already in the app, use the 'add bathroom' button, complete the form and the bathroom will now appear on the map for others to use
  • Click on map to add a temporary tag to the map
  • Delete button removes all temporary tags to the page

How to Contribute

We're currently looking for help developing the following feature to improve the Loo-Locator App and the user experience:

  • Setup 2-mile diameter for restrooms to show on map
  • Add a family changing station filed to our input field, database and an icon to the info marker
  • Add music to allow shy bladders to relax to either their playlist or the sound of running water
  • Allow for more than a single review of a bathroom with a weighted score in both privacy and cleanliness
  • Add User Authentication to allow for future additional features

To Contribute, please reach us on our GitHub accounts below


Technologies used are licensed by Google

Template used is under [MIT License](

All other licenses are maintained by its creators


Jordan Gary

Jeffrey Berman

Blake Downes


Google Maps API Font Awesome Google Fonts BootStrap Heroku GitHub Start Bootstrap

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