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An OpenGL accelerated game of life using Love2d
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Love2d Conway's Game of Life (GPU Accelerated)

Just a little experiment in using an OpenGL fragment shader to calculate the next generation in a game of life. Most of the work is done inside calculationShader.glsl. main.lua handles shuffling the textures around to the fragment shader.

View more screenshots and information here : abusing lovë2D pixel shaders.


  • space - stop/start the simulation
  • left click - bring alive the cell underneath the mouse
  • left click + g - spawn a glider underneath the mouse
  • right click - kill the cell underneath the mouse
  • s - "single step" the simulation (calculate the next generation)
  • up, down - increase/decrease the simulation rate
  • r - fill the screen with randomly alive or dead cells
  • c - kill all the cells
  • h - fill the entire screen with gliders (very fun to disturb)
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