Linux userspace tools for BlackWeb AYA (LED Mouse)
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Linux userspace tools for the BlackWeb AYA mouse


Userspace tools to customise the LED colour of the mouse natively under a Linux environment. Also supporting some other hardware based features such as mouse polling. It's possible this will work on other platforms too (bsd / osx).

Vendor ID: 3938 Product ID: 1101

The USB protocol was reverse engineered using wireshark and usbmon to capture USB control messages from a windows virtual machine. All discovered features of this mouse are documented here:

If you are interested in reading how this was done, i have posted an article here:

Current Features

  • profile slots
  • change LED color
  • change LED color mode (on, off, breathe, cycle)
  • Hardware persistent settings
  • Hardware mouse polling adjustment
  • GUI tool using PyQt


This is still work in progress, there may be bugs or missing features The script requires root access (sudo) to write/read from the USB device The author takes no responsibility for anything that may go wrong!

You should be able to setup a udev rule for the device, as to not require root access like so: /etc/udev/rules.d/50-blackweb-aya.rules

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="3938", ATTRS{idProduct}=="1101", GROUP:="plugdev"

Running the command line tool

./ <r> <g> <b>

for example, to set the mouse LED to green:

./ 0 255 0

Running the PyQt interface


If the mouse randomly turns off the LED when setting a new profile, this is a bug. You can work around it by issuing the factory reset command ('File > Factory Reset' in the PyQt interface). It seems to be caused by setting breathe/cycle as the LED mode, but can be unpredictable. Still working on figuring out why this happens.


  • Python 2.7.*
  • PyUSB
  • PyQt / Qt4 (for the user interface)