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Red Eclipse data module for maps included in the game
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Content included in the game (maps, textures, sounds, models etc.) may have
individual copyrights and distribution restrictions (see individual readmes),
note that all content in Red Eclipse is intended to be "open source" friendly.

In the absence of an explicit license, content is considered to be covered by
the CC-BY-SA license, either version 4.0 or (at your option) any later version,
you may use the content in Red Eclipse so long as you obey individual
licensing criteria.

    Red Eclipse, Copyright (C) 2009-2019 Red Eclipse Team
    Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0+ License (CC-BY-SA)
    See cc-by-sa.txt or

For a license breakdown of all content in Red Eclipse, see all-licenses.txt.

The use of trademarks unique to the Red Eclipse project are in addition
governed by the Red Eclipse Mark Policy (see trademark.txt).
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