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This page serves as a resource for known working BetterDiscord plugins.


BetterDiscord plugins require BetterDiscord to be installed. (

To download a BD plugin, simply select a plugin below, on that page right click 'Raw' at the top right and select 'Save Link As'.

To Install a BD plugin, move your downloaded plugin file to your BetterDiscord directory.

  • Windows: %appdata%\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins
  • Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/BetterDiscord/plugins

Fully restart Discord

Open up the settings menu

Settings Panel

Find "BetterDiscord", checkmark plugins under the "Plugins" tab to Enable/Disable them.

Autoplay GIFS

Automatically play gifs without having to hover.

Custom Emotes

3rd Party Plugin (Contact original author for support) Allows for .json lists of custom emotes.

Custom role colour

Set any colour as role colour. (not needed anymore, in normal Discord)

Media Support

Add support for html5 media.

Server/Channel Sorter

Drag and Drop to reorder the list of servers and channels.

Typing Sounds

Makes sounds when you type.

Guilds Scroller

Adds a scrollbar to guilds/servers list.

Emote Blacklist

Right click an Emote to blacklist it.

Double Click Edit

Double click your message to edit it.

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