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What is this?

Jila is a framework for building simple language learning apps. This particular repository is the mobile web / Apache Cordova front end. It was originally intended as a mobile application but has been used on different platforms due to it being based on web technologies.

The Jila app is built using the Middleman static site generator. Client-side assets are managed using Bower. When used as a Cordova app it makes use of the Apache Cordova command-line tools which themselves are built on NodeJS.


  • Ruby
  • Node.js
  • Xcode (for iOS apps)
  • Android SDK (for Android apps)
  • Apache Ant (for Android apps)


Install Ruby gems bundle install

Bootstrap non-Ruby tools (this may require sudo) bundle exec rake install_tools

Bootstrap Cordova platforms and plugins bundle exec rake bootstrap

Getting Started


Use bundle exec middleman to load your work. This will by default start a server at 'http://localhost:4567'.


The Jila framework uses Jasmine for unit testing. Once your server is running it can be accessed at 'http://localhost:4567/jasmine'.

Mobile Web

As it is based on web technologies, Jila can be used on any platform that supports the modern web. It falls back to HTML5 audio for playback and remote access of images and audio. There is a rake task for building the site which you can use with bundle exec rake build_site.

Mobile App

There are rake tasks that coordinate the building of the site and deploying to the various platforms. You can see the full list of them using bundle exec rake -T.


There are a few ways that Jila is configurable out of the box, these are located in the file The most important of which is probably the BACKEND_URL which specifies where the administration console is hosted. The app can be re-styled without any changes to the functionality. If you do make changes, please consider submitting a pull request so the community can benefit.