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ImageProcessor is, and will only ever be supported on the .NET Framework running on a Windows OS. Please do not attempt to use with .NET Core or NET 5+


Imageprocessor is a lightweight, fluent wrapper around System.Drawing.

It's fast, extensible, easy to use, comes bundled with some great features and is fully open source.

For full documentation please see


Focus for the ImageProcessor libraries has switched to desktop only due to the lack of support for System.Drawing on Windows Services and ASP.NET. As such, the ImageProcessor.Weband accompanying libraries will not be further developed. For an alternative please use ImageSharp.Web.

ImageProcessor has been retired. For modern platforms use ImageSharp

Latest Releases

Library Version
ImageProcessor NuGet
ImageProcessor.Plugins.WebP NuGet


ImageProcessor's documentation, included in this repo in the gh-pages branch, is built with Jekyll and publicly hosted on GitHub Pages at The docs may also be run locally.

Running documentation locally

  1. If necessary, install Jekyll (requires v2.5.3x).
  1. From the root /ImageProcessor directory, run jekyll serve in the command line.
  2. Open http://localhost:4000 in your browser to navigate to your site. Learn more about using Jekyll by reading its documentation.

The ImageProcessor Team

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