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Quality is a way of life

Hi there 👋

Keys to Quality

  1. Idempotent: The test environment should be unchanged once the test complete
  2. Independent: The test should run on its own
  3. Autonomous: The test should not affect any other test

What is an Engineering Team Architecture (ETA)

Successful organziations have a clear understanding of the required individual roles and responsibilities. These responsibilities define an engineering team's processes. While many engineering organizations wish to have as much flexibility as possible (engineering is an art, after all) , there are certain talents required. There are also certain expectations required of one another, often expressed through the organization's processes. These two, roles and processes (responsibilities), define how the organization will build things, or the organization's Engineering Team Architecture.

  • 🔭 I’m currently working on
    -- Quality Leadership: Leading my organization to deliver business value faster through improved quality
    -- Team ownership of quality encourages shared testing
    -- Shared testing delivers higher quality earlier in the SDLC
    -- Building quality from the outset eliminates context switching and rework

  • What does this mean for you
    -- Higher performing teams who find greater fulfillment in their work

  • How do i do this?
    -- Designing a Definition of Done with the team
    --- When starting a story, we use a Three Amigos meeting, involving Coder, Tester and Product
    --- We outline our story implementation
    --- We decide how we will test each piece of that implementation
    --- We walk away with an outline of what code will look like, what a test plan will look like, and confidence that we're on target to satisify the needs of the business
    -- During the coding phase, we outline as much, or as little, of a test plan as we need

  • 🌱 I’m currently learning
    -- Kubernetes
    -- Cloud testing
    -- Continuous Delivery
    -- More about the Cypress framework every day
    -- Functional programming with Javascript and Typescript
    -- Java and Selenium

  • 💬 Ask me about
    -- Shift Left: Building in quality from the beginning
    -- Shift Right: Testing in production
    -- Test automation best practices
    -- Cypress testing best practices
    -- Full stack test automation
    -- Test frameworks
    -- Defining quality objectives for CI/CD
    -- Defining your test strategy

  • The Value of Testing
    -- One novel way to communicate the value of -- Sprint Demo
    --- I’ve found stakeholders and leadership particularly appreciate including test methodologies in the sprint demo. We show what we tested, how we tested it, and what we’ve automated. This gives them insight into the quality being delivered, as well as what we’ve done to prevent future issues.

Quality Organizations

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