The website Built using SASS, Pug and Gulp. Deployed using Docker and Elastic Beanstalk through AWS.
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This is the code for You can see the working version here. This site has been built with Sass, Pug, and Gulp. It is has been deployed and hosted using Docker and Elastic Beanstalk through AWS.

How To Run It

When you first clone this project and you simply wish to view it, there are two different ways to run it.

  1. Open dist folder and run index.html.

    This is the minified code, automatically compressed through gulp from src.

  2. Open dist / public and run index.html

This it the code that is deployed, through Docker and to EB.

If you want the development workflow, you will firstly need to install Node and NPM. Then open jr_portfolio and type npm install, this will install all the dependencies required. Next open in the bash and run gulp. This will open the project in your web browser of choice with browserSync. This will also automatically compress your code and push it to the dist file. To push this then to the final html with all the code inline, hit gulp inline, which will push this to dist/public.


If feel that this project is missing something, you are absolutely welcome to help out. Simply fork the repo and raise and issue if you want to add to it.

Development Cycle

This is an ongoing project, so stylistically this project will evolve over time. The next stage will be adding to the portfolio page itself, and then transitioning to a single page application (ideally using react.js).