Web application that searches through the Star Wars planets. Built with React, Create-React-App and Bootstrap
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Star Wars - The Data Strikes Back

This is the Star Wars Planet index, giving you a searchable index for planets in the Star Wars universe. Returning the Population, Diameter, Rotation Period, Orbital Period and Terrain of said planets, plus the films that they appeared in.

Built with React, Create-React-App and Bootstrap, this is a fully responsive web app.

To install download NPM, clone the repo and download the dependencies by typing

Npm install

From there run the application

Npm start

You can also build a minified file for production

Npm run build

As this was built with Create-React-App, there are whole host of different ways you can deploy this app. You can see further details of this here.

Some notes on the build


The table with page buttons and text input is one component, which is structured around multiple modules. One such module is sortable.js. This is a refinement on w3s' sorttable function, modified so that it can sort strings like "unknown" as well as numbers. It works the same as w3s, simply set up as an onClick function on the table headers and pass the column number as an argument. This module can be used separately if you require it for your project.


Rather than doing api calls per film title, the app does a GET request on the film titles page upon search. Filmtitle.js then matches the URL from the search GET request to the title attributed to that URL from the API's film page.